24 September 2008

Nicole's Blog [9.23.2008]

Hi beautiful people!!!
Wow, it just turned midnight here in California and I can't believe today is the big day!!! We have been going non-stop around the world gearing up for the launch of this album and now it's finally here!!! Doll Domination!!! And I've got to be up in less than 4 hrs to be on Ryan Seacrest radio with the girls, Ahhhh!!! And if ya wanna know how I feel...honestly as excited as I am, I'm just as nervous!!! It's like having a baby and releasing it out in the wild! But I'm also so thrilled to finally share the music, a new album and start another PCD chapter

I know I'm probably the worst about keeping in touch with you all via internet, but no lie, it's primarily because I'm usually always in the studio making sure we are making the best pcd music possible for you. xoxoxo
I also wanted to make sure and write a proper introduction to this album since the music comes from such a personal place and well ur hearing it for the first time with fresh ears!

When you listen to this album, I hope u feel the fun, swagger, laughter and tears, heart and soul and simply, the love that went into making it We wanted to take you to another level on this next chapter and are so excited for the opportunity for another chance at connecting with all of you again.

Music is so powerful and transforming and at times can even transport you. With songs like "I Hate This Part", "I'm Done" and "Hush Hush" I hope you can relate to the real emotion behind them. These songs have a special place in my heart..as I recall having to record them thru some very personal tuff times but they have made me all the stronger and will hopefully do the same for u! As for our fun booty shaking PCD fans out there, songs like "In Person" , "Taking Over The World", and "Bottle Pop" are gonna have u out on the floor shining brighter than ever! Also, I'm proud to have a few songs from my solo project make Doll Domination as well! "Happily Never After" and "Whos Gonna Love U" to bring in some added funk! Either way, there's something for everyone on this album!

Well...good fun and good times! Today is a blessed day and I'm just so grateful to be a part of this journey with all of u and the dolls...I hope you enjoy this album as much as I know I did making it

Again thank you to all of you, our fans, friends, dreamers and believers for inspiring this...because of u, we can take over the world together

Lots of Love,

Never give up, never loose faith

posted: 09.23.2008 06:15 PM

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