23 September 2008

Doll Domination: Did you buy?

Send in a picture or a video, anything, or tell me your favorite track, or solo!!! Show your PCD love!!!

(I got it on Amazon too)!!!


Mr.Meloni said...

My favorite fast songs are "take over the world" and "bottle pop" and my favorite ballad/slow-tempo songs are "I hate this part" and "out of this club" I love doll domination except that their are just too many slow-tempop songs, it's not that they are bad songs, it's just that I wasn't expecting that from PCD.

Carlos said...

Fav songs are bottle pop, I hate this part, Whatcha think about that, Magic, In Person, Elevator, I'm Done, Takin' over the world, When I grow up, Who's gonna love you, Halo and Hush-Hush...haha dang the whole album, the dolls are amazing.

As for their solo tracks, Played by Ashley Roberts is the best, Melody's Space lyrics are great, Jessica's track is dang addictive, Nicole's good too, and Kiberly's track lacks luster, though it is sorta listen-able.