29 December 2008

"Bottle Pop Wins"; PCD Poll Closed

The 3rd single poll ended awhile ago, and it seems that Bottle Pop won, with 159/596 votes, a 26% win. Looks like that is coming true, supposedly BP is the new single, with a new mix to accompany it. It may be the version done live with Nicole's new verse. I wanna hear it! Haha....

Buy IHTP Remixes

Remix EP, $2.71 US

Includes Digital Dog, Dave Audé, Karmatronic and Moto Blanco Club Mixes.

Dave Audé Dance Hybrid Mix, $0.99

Used for newer IHTP performances, studio version.

Halo by José

A dedicated reader named José sent me this awesome 'Halo' cover he made. He describes it as one of his favorite songs from DD and that he can relate to the lyrics. Also, he's a fan of Eden's Crush and owns both PCD and DD.

Credit him if you use his cover.

Thanks, José.

Carmit: Overrated

This is quite familiar, at least to me. In 2001 Siobhán Donaghy, the 'redhead' of the Sugababes left the group and a few years later released a song called 'Overrated'. The song was seen as a dig at the woman's previous pop group. If you listen closely to Carmit's song it seems that she may be doing the same. You never know, but I do think Carmit was overlooked in the Dolls. Nicole is immensely talented, but Carmit never got to really shine. She was an original member after all.

Listen HERE

IHTP [The Hills Finale]

Another good showing.

PCD + Britney

In my absence I am sure you all heard of PCD opening for Britney here in the States. I am especially looking forward to this one, as the Dolls will be performing new material and hopefully we'll get to hear the other girls' voices. Also, Britney's new album is the second one (after Blackout) that I really like. Not as good as DD, but it's a really nice dance pop album I use for working out and jogging.

Anyway, tell me about your experiences and if you're going or not!!!


New Carmit Blog [12.29.2008]

Happy Holi-dayz!!

So, thanx for all the seasons greetings and wishes! I hope you all had a very special holiday....I did! I spent it at home with family and friends! It was and still is yummy I am so excited for the new year and all it will bring! So many good things to come. I wish you all love, light, peace and blessings in 2009! Thank you all again for supporting me thru the changes this past year. I know it's been difficult but please trust me when I say I had to move on for the better. I will always miss and remember the good times with PCD
Oh, and thanks for coming to play with me at the vside! It was super fun, although I know that my demo "Overated" was leaked...it's not done yet! Someone help me spread the news because people keep saying that Carmasutra is my new solo song! It's a demo that is like 4 years old!! Hold on just a lil longer for the real stuff!!!!
LUV U ALL! Looking forward to 2009......
Have a safe and happy new year
Foxy Doll 4eva

Carmit performs "Kerosene"

WOW! Carmit's voice! I love her style. This is an excellent style, and if you listen to her lyrics, you'll get a hint of some of Carmit's view on the past.

PCD - I Hate This Part (TOTP)

I feel so badly for the Dolls doing this song as of late. Nicole is obviously under too much pressure with the vocals, which they alleviated slightly with Melody actually singing this time, but Jess and Ash could sing as well (I'm not so sure about Kimmie). But the ending remix fusion with the David Audé remix completely erodes any sentiment the song had. It's kinda disappointing. Anyway, watch. I like that Melody got to sing, and she sounded quite nice.

18 December 2008

I'm sorry

I am still working with the blog, everyone. I think people forget that I am a 20 year old college sophomore. I was studying and preparing for my exams, my finals of the semester. Working academically and then putting effort forth for this blog can be difficult, not to mention having to have a social life. I recently made the greatest friend I've ever had, and we had a bunch of ups-and-downs that are associated with close relationships. I am currently in Chicago, having the time of my life, so please forgive me for being myself. I still love PCD and DD, but I do have certain responsibilities as well. I will get to posting again soon. The place I am staying only has a medium-speed connection, so uploads of videos won't occur till I get back to school, the 12th of January. Until then, stay tuned.