29 November 2007

PCD Tour Edits

Repost on mediafire. Many made by me, Jordan (miss ya) and another.

Get it HERE

28 November 2007

New Nicole Clips!

The New Nicole Single Poll has been updated! Happily Never After and Who's Gonna Love U beat Super Villain and Power's Out. Now Puakenikeni and Physical are choices. HOT!!! They finally listen. Hopefully Nicole will be successful.

Here them HERE

16 November 2007

Nicole's new single: You decide?

Want to help Nic make the Billboard Hot 100 (where succes will be met for her)? Then head HERE to vote on choices. These are the songs:

Super Villain
Who's Gonna Love U
Happily Never After
Power's Out

Get the last three clips HERE. Listen and vote so that a single will chart and the album will finally be released. Go now!

13 November 2007

Reup: Stickwitu (Dave Audé Radio Edit)

A dance take on "Stickwitu" that I LOVE! I uploaded to mediafire, and will probably do new posts with the songs I previously posted on a new server to beat rapidshare times.

Stickwitu (Dave Audé Radio Edit)

Her Name Is Nicole: Facts

*The album was pushed back to 2008. A date of January 29th 2008 is now the release for the U.S.

* This is the tracklisting, which may change due to Nicole supposedly recording new tracks.

Title Producer(s) Featured Artist(s) Length
1 "Super Villain" Mad Scientist
2 "Who's Gonna Love Me"

3 "Power's Out" The-Dream Sting
4 "Puakenikeni" Akon Brick and Lace 2:19
5 "Happily Never After" Ne-Yo
6 "Baby Love" will.i.am will.i.am 4:42
7 "Save Me from Myself" Ne-Yo Ne-Yo
8 "Physical" Timbaland and Danja Timbaland
9 "Love Like This"

10 "Just Say Yes" Gary Lightbody

11 "When You're Falling" Akon Akon
12 "Whatever U Like" Polow da Don T.I. 3:55
13 "I M.I.S.S. You" Pharrell Pharrell
14 "March"

15 "I Blow"
Busta Rhymes
16 "On My Side"

17 "Get Em' Ladies" (bonus track)

18 "Feels So Good" (bonus track)

*Apparently "Super Villain" will be the third single after "WUL" and "BL" both performed lower than expected. I personally would like "Puakenikeni" (love the clip) or "Physical". Both sound good. "SL" is set to be released December 4th, 2007.

What do you guys think? I personally think she should have waited until after PCD album 2, to better establish herself. Then again, in iTunes, I've played her songs 30 times + apiece. I love her material.


Baby Love Instrumental

Finally! Even a "Super Villain" instrumental came first, but finally, it's here. I am currently recording this song. Enjoy.

Baby Love (Instrumental) HQ VBR MP3