30 August 2007

Fire f/Nicole Scherzinger

From 50 Cent's new album, Curtis. Credit to this one goes to vipervideoz.com, where I got the new album.

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Lie About Us - DVD Rip

File Size: 58.7 MB
Type: AVI
Resolution: 640x480
Duration: 03:49
Source: DVD (Promo Only); http://luke-musicvidz.blogspot.com/

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Rapidshare: HERE
Mediafire: HERE

Love This Way (Animated Video)

The only video that exists, released to Cartoon Network in 2001.

29 August 2007

I'll Be Your Love (Live)

Someone requested the actual mp3 of Nicole singing this song live. It's from Japan in 2002. MP3.

Click the pic or get it HERE

PCD Live Concerts

I've reuploaded the two concerts on mediafire, so you can download without limits. They are still AAC (.m4a) though, so you'll have to convert.

Click the pics to download.

Live From London:
Live From Manchester:

Tainted Love - Fashion Rocks iPod Video

Here is a high quality video, converted from nicole-scherzinger.net. Enjoy it!!! Sorry for not posting so often. I'm in college now and have so little time.Get it HERE

26 August 2007

PCD iPod Music Videos (DVDRip)

These are all DVDRips by ME. Please credit my links.
iPod videos (.mp4):
2000kbps (2Mbps) video bitrate
165kbps audio bitrate
640x480 resolution
(All photos are actual screencaps of the videos)
(credit to i-podvideos.blogspot.com)Don't Cha
I Don't Need A ManWait A Minute

24 August 2007

About You Now - Sugababes

The new single, that I absolutely adore. They are going to break into the US with this song. Brilliant!!! I now have all of their singles and albums and will definitely be picking up the new album.

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Hot Stuff (Live From London)

The video not on the DVD. MQ iPod video.

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Whatever U Like (AVI Untagged)

From PCDWorld. Untagged, AVI file. Enjoy!!!

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22 August 2007

Jessica for Solo Career?

Pussycat On The Prowl For Solo Career


Over the weekend we trekked to New York’s Central Park to see Paul Van Dyk work his magic … in the pouring rain, no less. While trying to avoid getting a free mud wrap, we landed in the VIP trailer (lucky us) where we ran into Jessica Sutta from the Pussycat Dolls! She was rockin’ a seriously hot outfit (of course) and was sweet as pie. (She even planted a big, red kiss on one lucky guy’s backstage pass!) After she performed “White Lies” — the sexy first single from PvD’s new album, In Between — onstage with the German DJ, we grabbed some grub with Miss Jessica. Between burger bites and sips of her chocolate shake, the Doll revealed that she’s hoping to follow in fellow Pussycat Nicole Scherzinger’s footsteps and launch a solo career! Jessica’s influences? Madonna and Kylie Minogue, so expect a delicious dance album from her when the time is right for this Pussycat Doll to strike out on her own.

source -- MTV BuzzWorthy Blog


Eden's Crush - Get Over Yourself (Music Video)

MPG Format. Enjoy! I just moved into my dorm today with T3. This video took me 1 minute to upload!!! Isn't that crazy? Now look forward to some really big files from PCD MVM.

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21 August 2007

Nicole Scherzinger - I'll Be Your Love

Here is the live performance from Japan:

Song from 2002/2003 after Eden's Crush but well before her PCD days. A beautiful song she sang, translated from Japanese. Enjoy, MP3.

Get the studio version HERE

Eden's Crush - Get Over Yourself (Concert Live 2001)

Get the MP3 HERE

The Song I'm Feeling Now

Nicole Scherzinger - Super Villain

PCD MVM: 25,000 Hits

We just hit our 25,000 hit!!! We've been up (consistently) for 5 months now. That's amazing.

Credit pic to CARMITFOCUS.

The Song I'm Feeling Now

20 August 2007

Whatever U Like (Live Edit)

I edited the alternative version, the radio edit and instrumental to create the edit she used for her performance on SYTYCD. This may be the edit she continues to use live.

Get it HERE
192kbps MP3, 4.15MB. If you use on your site, credit ME. I created this edit.

Nicole on TRL US

Nicole came by TRL today, but I missed it. Luckily I, and anyone else who missed it can view it over at PCDWorld.co.uk.
I just watched and Nicole was so cute!!! I love her "effing" and "heck yes" she cracked me up. Aly & AJ got a taste of the choreography from the video and Nicole confirmed that there will be a second PCD album and that she recorded over 100 songs. She said some may be used for the PCD album. The album, Her Name Is Nicole was confirmed for a November 6th release date.

PCD Music Videos on iTunes

Check it out: you can now buy some of the videos from the Manchester concert on iTunes: Intro with Buttons, Stickwitu and Don't Cha. You can even save by buying all three for $4 instead of separately for $6. All of the music video are available as well (Sway is missing, once again).

Please support you artists and PURCHASE their material. Do not download ALBUMS and commercially available content. This site offers media for a promotional period, remember to ALWAYS DELETE it. All remixes however and rare media may be kept.

Remember to pick up the London DVD if you'd rather have non-DRM protected videos in DVD quality. It's about $10-13 in stores. Please support the Dolls.

The Pussycat Dolls - The Ultimix PCD Megamix

The video to the song. Watch it here on Youtube if you'd rather not download.

Get the MP3 HERE
Get the DVDrip HERE or HERE

Bite The Dust (Alejandro ~dro~)

My cover of the PCD song. No instrumental available, it's me with the track.

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In The Studio With Nicole

This video isn't new; but it shows the process of Nicole's solo recording, and how she recorded "well over 60 songs". She also speaks of the throwback to her Hawaiian heritage and the second album with the Pussycat Dolls and how she intends to use this experience to inspire her work with that album.

Nicole - Chasing Papi

A clip from the film Nicole starred in. She and Roselyn Sanchez resemble each other very much. Even Perez Hilton thinks so!!
Get the 3.5MB WMV clip HERE

19 August 2007

Media Conversion

Once again, I provide media 'AS-IS'. Most of my music is AAC (.m4a) and unprotected, so it's easy to convert. I am a busy college student, so you have to DO IT YOURSELF if you don't like the format downloaded. This is in response to a constant spammer of the shoutbox, who got banned.
Read the rules next time. This is my blog, if you don't like it, TAKE YOURSELF SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Here is a link to a free converter. No more asking me or or you'll be banned. Thank you.


More Solo Activities for the Pussycat Dolls

Credit this to DD. I was caught up in Nicole's solo effort I forgot about the other Dolls. (Shame, shame!!) Apparently, Ash is gonna be an actress!!! She's set to star in "Make It Happen" next year, in a small role. Supposedly MELODY is also working solo, which I believe to be true, but am not so sure about an ALBUM yet. Anyway, read the story:

August 16, 2007

With the pending release of "Lead Doll's" Nicole Scherzinger's solo album Her Name is Nicole and rumors about her desire to start an acting career going around, and even the news about Never-Was Doll Asia Nitollano getting some additional exposure as Sean “Diddy” Combs new model, you might be wondering what the other Pussycat Dolls are up to.

Well, they are not all idly sitting by in the Pussycat Dolls compound, bedazzling their bras and stretching out to stay limber until the next performance. Other Dolls have been getting out and about as well and pursuing new opportunities outside the group.

Jessica Sutta – aka “Pin-Up Doll” – is the featured vocalist on a new release from German dance DJ Paul Van Dyk. The song, “White Lies,” was released on July 31 and was the first single from the full album In Between, which came out this past Tuesday.

The Winnipeg Sun reports that they learned that Ashley Roberts – aka “Angel Doll” – has recently been added to the cast for a movie currently shooting in Canada. The film is called Make It Happen and is being directed by Darren Grant, who also directed the feature film Diary of a Mad Black Woman and the video for the Destiny Child's song “Survivor.”

Melody Thornton's solo album, The Beginning, is still awaiting a release date. It is said to include collaborations with Pharrell, Chingy and Omarion, and an appearance from her fellow Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

Kimberly Wyatt and Carmit Bachar are the two Pussycat Dolls who haven't seemed eager to undertake many activities outside the band's own busy schedule lately. A recent post to Carmit's blog on the PCD website might indicate why she's been laying lower than some of the others. In the past few weeks, she had to put a beloved dog to sleep due its bout with cancer. She also recently lost her grandmother and so says she has been dealing with those “emotionally heavy” events in the past few months.

The full group, however, is still said to be on track to release their next album, Double the Trouble, later this year.

****ANYWAY, the second album is so NOT coming this year. It has to be Summer 2008 at the earliest.

18 August 2007

250th Post: Eden's Crush

This is a throwback to where I first met Nicole: on Popstars with Eden's Crush, who will forever be the girl group I love first. All of the girls had distinct voices, and were able to showcase them within the group. I have for you guys three tracks from their first concert that aired as the season finale of the first season of Popstars on April 6th, 2001. (That's right, 6 years ago!)
I love their voices in "Get Over Yourself". These girls inspired me to follow my dreams and learn Spanish, as well as singing, in the language as well. I am proud to post these for my visitors.

What's Good 4 The Goose
Love This Way
Get Over Yourself

All AAC, 128kbps.

17 August 2007

Baby Love Ringtone

Ringtone of the chorus, 128kbps MP3.

Another unofficial cover (so far, none are confirmed)

Get it HERE


From the Debut album, feat will.i.am.


White Lies - iTunes

Get it on iTunes for $.99 (for a 128kbps DRM file) or get the high-quality 256kbps unprotected song for $1.29US like I did.

I suggest you buy. I downloaded it when it came out and bought it to make up. Do the same, support the artists.

That's the official artwork from iTunes above.

Whatever U Like (SYTYCD) MP3

Here ya go!!! Enjoy. MP3, 128Kbps.

Get it HERE

16 August 2007

Nicole on So You Think You Can Dance?

She just performed about 10 minutes ago. She brought the box from the video (look below) and male dancers. She tore it up!!! It was so hot. I am so proud of Nic. Her solo dreams realized.

*According to the show's host, her album is now out November 6th.

Get the video from PCDWORLD.CO.UK

Nicole Ringtones


Whatever U Like HERE
Super Villain HERE

Whatever U Like Video Premiere and iPod Video

Click the pic or go HERE

iPod Video - 320x240 14.67MB

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Stickwitu (iPod Video)

This is a rip of a Youtube video. It takes clips from several live 'Stickwitu" performances and sets them to the album track. It's really good. It's so sweet. My favorite PCD song.

320x240, iPod compatible. 21.17MB

Get it HERE

Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (PCD Remix)

Just a doubling of the track, pretty cool. Made by me, AAC.

Get it HERE

Nicole Myspace update from Katie

So I lied..I'm still going to do updates:

Dancing with the Stars

Hello All, Sorry it has been awhile. SO MUCH HAS BEEN GOING ON! Today Nicole is performing on Dancing with the Stars. Everybody better watch because I want to know what you think. It has been a very challenging couple of weeks. I was NOT HAPPY when I found out Super Villain leaked. While I want you all to hear the music, when something is leaked it really affects the artist. While I love music because it is a universal language... how we communicate with others... the problem is the music industry can be very frustrating for fans and artists alike.

I also dont like reading people saying Nicole is copying beyonce in the clip that was leaked. GUESS WHAT??? I dont even think that part is going to be in there anymore. I was at the shoot and there is so much more to this video. In case anyone doesn't know, Nicole will be on TRL debuting the video this MONDAY. PLEASE

I did download SuperVillain, but I am buying the album.
She'll be on tonight performing (So You Think You Can Dance? check your local listings)
Video premiere!!!

Her Name Is Nicole... Album Artwork?

Found this surfing. Looks potentially real. It's beautiful.

Pink Panther/Fever MP3 (Another Version)

Another version, credit to DD. Not the greatest quality, but media is getting dry.

Get it HERE

15 August 2007

New affiliates!!!

New affiliates, http://backtomusic.blogspot.com and http://jennifersmusicboutique.blogspot.com.

Nicole Photoshoot Collage

HQ Pics in a collage, credit to onlyvipmedia.blogspot.com. Nice.

14 August 2007

"Get Into It" MP3

Requested. This is the version that is nearly a minute, credit to PinayGurl12 @ DollDomination in the affiliates.

Get it HERE

"Super Villain" LEAK

Here's a brand new Nicole Scherzinger song titled "Super Villain" rumored to be included on her debut solo album "Her Name Is Nicole" due out on October 16th. This new track is a pretty cool pop uptempo one. I can't wait to hear more songs off her album, especially the one she previewed via TRL time ago called "Baby Love" which sounded really good. Well check out the new song. Enjoy Thanks Chris!

*UPDATE* Yes. The track is confirmed from her debut album and was produced by Mad Scientist. Apparently her label wants this one to be the album's second single"

13 August 2007

PCD Deichmann Shoes in Poland

The first series was so successful, they're bringing a new one to Poland. Check out the new ad. Carmit has Rihanna's new do!! I like it, it has to grow. Look @ our Dolls. They're changing so much!!!



11 August 2007

"Whatever U Like" Video Preview

Looks hot, and kinda like "Ring The Alarm" from Beyoncé. God I hope this blows up!!!

10 August 2007

Buttons (Live Earth 7-7-2007) AAC

From the concert last month. Nice performance. Get the video from PCDWorld.

Get it HERE

09 August 2007

Buttons (So You Think You Can Dance 7-13-2006)

AAC song of the performance from last year. Enjoy. Pic credit to pcdworld.co.uk

Get it HERE