31 July 2007

Beep (DJ Redz Edit)

Edit of Beep with some "Don't Cha" thrown in. The Ultimix bears some similarities to this track. AAC, 128kbps. Enjoy!


29 July 2007

Whatever U Like Promo Single

From V.I.P Media in the affiliates. Enjoy!

Clean Version featuring T.I.
Dirty Version featuring T.I.
Alternative Version Clean
Alternative Version Dirty
Alternative Instrumental
Alternative Acapella

Nicole Scherzinger - Whatever You Like (Maxi).zip
Size: 45.77 MB


28 July 2007

Stickwitu (Live Earth 7-7-2007) AAC

Ripped from the PCDWorld video. I have a HQ iPod MP4 for anyone who would like that as well, the pics are screencaps.


Wait A Minute (Best Buy Commercial)

The commercial from Best Buy, not the best quality, but it's an iPod video if you'd like to have it. On Mediafire. Enjoy!

http://www.mediafire.com/?7sztxtwns1p (Link FIXED)

27 July 2007

PCD Megamix (Another one...may be Official)

PCDWorld has a new video, an ultimix that has the usually official "promo only" tag. You can get the video by visiting PCDWorld, but here, I have the MP3 rip of the video, 128kbps. I am switching over to Mediafire, and all the old files may start coming back with a "file deleted". I started a new job a few days ago and will start working on reuploading the songs with the T3 connection at college. Mediafire is a good option, and here is the song with the pic credited to PCDWorld. Enjoy!!!


25 July 2007

Nicole Myspace Update and Video Shoot Pics

Nicole's official myspace (http://www.myspace.com/officialnicolescherzinger) has been updated. I will no longer post updates, just let you know when it's been refreshed. Anyway, pics from the video have come. Visit to see all.

Whatever U Like: Released to iTunes yesterday!!!

The song is available now, go get it for only $.99 at iTunes. The song isn't my favorite, (I prefer Steam), but it's Nicole!!! Go support her!!!

24 July 2007

Maile Misajon: New Music And Myspace

Maile Misajon, a bandmate from Eden's Crush is back on her feet. Now it's known that all Eden's Crush members are well. Ivette Sosa has a myspace, Nicole is a Doll, Ana Maria can be seen on her sister Shalom's page, Rosanna is on TV Guide, and now Maile has become a country/pop musician with new music. Her page lists Eden's Crush as disbanded due to "creative differences and lack of label support." Check it out, http://myspace.com/mailemisajon.

22 July 2007

music-omatic.blogspot.com: New affiliate!!!

From my buddy jemallman at myspace and multiply. He's extremely talented in graphics. He is doing a music blog, just starting. Albums, singles from all genres. Stop by. He has Ms Kelly, a great album I must say. Kelly really pulled it off. Also Aly&AJ. Go now!!! Click the pic or visit the affiliates!!!

OT: Nelly Furtado Spanish Songs

Not PCD-related,but I still like these songs. Wanted to share.

En Las Manos De Dios - In God's Hands
Dar - Try (My fav songs!!)

More links HERE

These are great. You should listen. Credit to kevipodmusic.blogspot.com

Buttons (AMAs)

A rip from a video. This is the performance where Jess fell (aww!) Not the best to watch, but the mix performed is nice. AAC, 128kbps. Click the pic.

Nicole's myspace *Update credit to pcdweb.net

07.19.07 - Hi Everyone. Katie Here. Sorry it has been awhile since I have updated the site, responded to emails, or added pictures. The truth is that having my best friend home after not getting to see her very much after two years of touring makes me want to spend most of my time with her… living life… rather than being on a computer. I DO DO DO appreciate how supportive you are of Nicole and SHE LOVES HER FANS SO MUCH!!!

I will try to spend more time here. Okay… now for the good stuff. NEWS!!!

Despite false information on the internet, Nicole will be shooting her FIRST solo video ever on Monday the 23rd and Tuesday the 24th. SHE CANT WAIT. I cant wait. I will let you know how it goes. It will be directed by Paul Hunter and its gonna be AWESOME.

So… now that Nicole is back in the states she is doing ALOT to prepare for this album release… like photo shoots for the album… photoshoots for magazines… interviews… working out a lot because she wants to look fierce in her video (we all know she will!!!” Despite her being busy we have gotten to have a lot of friend time lately and I am a very blessed girl. Nicole is there for me constantly… even when she’s busy. We have been going to church, watching the secret, we went to the Fergie show last night, we went to a really cool beach party in Malibu on Saturday where velvet revolver played.

Life is sooo GOOD everyone. God is good. Nicole is in a great place right now and I am totally excited about the future. As I mentioned, one day I will devote a weekend to entirely updating this page, but right now I am just too busy guys!!!

Speaking of which, I am several 100 emails behind on my own myspace page and it is driving me a little nuts… just because I want to respond to everyone… but I just cant guys. It has really been draining me. What I can do is if YOU ALL come up with a list of questions for Nicole I will have her answer them all and post them here. Sounds cool? I truly do wish I could reply to all the emails but I just cant. Aside from being a musician myself, with a job, and am starting a charity that Nicole is helping me with…. you get my point. I am very exhausted.


Buttons (This Morning) and IDNAM (Ant & Dec's Sat. Night Takeaway)

Two new songs, 128kbps AAC. New server. My Rapidshare account will be deleted soon, so all the old posts will be gone. I will be working on getting all new links within the newxt weeks and month. I will have T3 next month in college. Sorry for the incovenience. I may use my google pages for the beginning and switch to zshare. Good idea? Click the pic for the songs!!!

My thoughts on Asia...

I posted this at PCDWorld's board and DollDomination:

I think the whole show was a lie, a setup.

They positioned Asia to look terrible, but then she wins, even though the polls say she isn't the most popular.

After she wins, and the fans hate her, they fiddle with us (is she in the group? not? who knows?) then she shows up at CW UpFront, and then we all think she's in the group.

Then boom, MuzTV + LiveEarth, no Asia! Strange? Yea, I thought so too.

All of sudden, she's "solo", and not "contractually obligated". Aren't all Dolls on a contract with A&M/Interscope Records? Now that's fishy.

The positive? PCD promotion, sales (CD and clothing etc).

I think the CW Upfront was a sham too. Ashley is NEVER sick and then she isn't there.

They must never have wanted a pic with all 7 girls.

What do you think? This is seeming just too 'fixed' for my taste.

20 July 2007

Strange: Asia's Wikipedia

Life and career

Nitollano is the daughter of R&B musician Joe Bataan[1] and has a two-year-old daughter.[1][2] She is of Filipino, and African-American Puerto Rican descent.[1][3] Before her entry into the group, Nitollano was a dancer for the New York Knicks.[1] In 2007 she became one of the nine finalists on the CW reality television series, Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll.[2] During the season finale of the show, she was chosen to become the newest member of the group by judges Robin Antin, Ron Fair and Lil Kim.[3][4] According to judge and Pussycat Doll founder Robin Antin, while Nitollano wasn't the strongest vocalist of the final three, she had greater stage presence and is an all-round better performer.[5] She will also feature on the next album from the Pussycat Dolls entitled Double the Trouble. Asia was not a fan favourite, mainly because of her bad attitude on the show, but she claims it was purely the tension caused by the show and the fact that she missed her daughter dearly. Despite harsh judgement from critics for her attitude, many fans felt Asia was a favourite to win it from the start with her sassy attitude and great dancing. Many however appear to be dissapointed by her lack of public appearances since the show (including missing Live Earth[6]) and began to wonder why she still is not listed as an official member of PCD[7].

It has been revealed that the show "Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll" was all for naught. CW president Dawn Ostroff shocked the Television Critics Association by confirming that the reality show’s winner Asia Nitollano is not part of the group. While gossip websites suggested Asia wasn’t up to the job, Ostroff insisted that Asia chose instead to pursue a solo career. But it’s clear that the show’s producers have reconsidered their concept. The next search will be for members of a new group

19 July 2007

Nelly-furtado-music.blogspot.com: New Affiliate!!!

We have a new affiliate, Nelly-Furtado-Music. I love this site and Nelly. I have her albums and the three different editions of Loose as well as her music videos, radio edits, instrumentals....you get the point. She is one of my top artists, that goes alon like this:

1. PCD/Eden's Crush
2. Nelly
3. Nelly Furtado
4. Justin Timberlake

That's my list. Make sure you check out the new affiliate and I'll have new media starting Friday - tomorrow.


17 July 2007

OT: Paris Hilton Second Album!!!

This isn't PCD-related, but anyway, she's releasing a new album! I liked her first, and she may not be the most vocally, but it was great dance/pop music. "Nothing In This World" is one of my favorite songs, along with "Try/Dar" by Nelly Furtado and "Stickwitu" by PCD. From onlyvipmedia.blogspot.com in the affiliates:

Paris Hilton is apparently working on a new album and tells E! Online:
"I'm already working on my new record. I've been in meetings with Scott Storch and we've been working on it. I've been working on it with Scott for a few weeks." And apparently she's taking it seriously. An insider says she's been taking voice lessons and is determined to make her music career succeed. The insider says:
"She takes voice lessons several times a week. She's really serious about her music career. Of all her projects, her music is the most important to her. She really works very hard to be taken seriously in the industry and make good music people will enjoy."
Rumours were that she got kicked out from record company after her debut sort of flopped all around but i guess she can survive from any problem if she survived the jail.
Anyway,I am glad to hear what she will come up with.Her first album was HIGH QUALITY Pop album,even if she is not amaizing vocally or famous because of something she has actually done.We Love Paris.

I am happy!!

14 July 2007

PCD Originals

Many of the songs on PCD are covers. I have compiled a few for your enjoyment, and will post the others later today.

PART ONE (AAC) HERE: or click the picture.
Evil Woman (Electric Light Opera - Beep samples the rift at 2:41)
Sway (Dean Martin)
Bitter Pill [Siobhan Fahey - Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) takes the beat and altered lyrics]
Feelin' Good (Nina Simone)
Where Did Our Love Go (Diana Ross and The Supremes)
Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (Soft Cell - Joint track idea)

Don't Cha (Tori Alamaze - PCD no rap is extremely similar)
Hot Stuff [Donna Summer - Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) takes the chorus]
Right Now (The Creatures)
Belinda - Noche Cool (Not an original, but a cover of Flirt)

PCD cover "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin in concert. Here it the track.

***I can't find We Went As Far As We Felt Like Going by Patti Labelle. I'll try though.

200th POST: Don't Cha (Live EMAs)

From the European Music Awards 2005. I had a video I capped and I ripped the audio to make an a live track. AAC, 128kbps.

Click the pic or the link.

Don't Cha (Live EMAs)

Sway Collection

Three tracks I have. Some used to be medleys attached to Tainted Love, but I cut them in two. AAC, 128kbps.

Sway (Children In Need)
Sway (Jimmy Kimmel)
Sway (David Letterman)

13 July 2007


This is a rumor so far, and I don't want to believe it, but here is the link. ***EDIT*** It's not true.
Supposedly she'll be a Doll because of DK not working together. So sad. Just kidding. I didn't like DK much and don't want any new Doll other than Asia. This needs to be straightened out, soon.

NEW LINK!!! No PCD for Aubrey!!!!

MTVNews Article

MP3 Radio Interview, Aubrey Confirms No PCD.

Nicole Ringtones

Two versions of Whatever U Like and one of Steam (I like Steam alot more than WUL!!! ALOT) They are .mp3 (only named .mid). Read the past ringtone posts by using the search at the bottom for instructions (for Verizon at least.)
Enjoy them. Click the link or the pic.

Nic Tones

12 July 2007

White Lies iPod Video

Here it is, ripped from DailyMotion. 12.9MB, 320x240, AVC (H.264). This will have to do until I find a DVDrip. Enjoy!!! Click the pic or the link below!!!

White Lies iPod Video

11 July 2007

White Lies Video!!! Download link soon!

View it here! All I have to say is, wow. That video is great. It's cool, and Jess looks amazing. I suggest you get it. I will have it soon! PCDWORLD.co.uk credit for pic, they'll have the video soon.

09 July 2007

New Look, 2

Decided to mess around. I didn't like the pink, picked a darker red (I tried to match Carmit's hair) and a new banner, with a tag and it's HQ (PNG doesn't fail!)

Also, I will be uploading the music videos next week for everyone. They will be limited (a week or so). But I will leave it up to you guys the type of videos.
They will be untagged, high-quality DVDrips from the London DVD.

Leave a comment with answers to these criteria:

1.MP4 (iPod), AVI, or MPG format?
2. 1000 or 1500kbps video bitrate?
3. 512x284 or 640x480 resoultion?
4. 128 or 160kbps audio bitrate?

No answers, no vids. If only a few request then only THEY will receive the video. Comment please.

Here is a preview in 512x384 MPG, 1500kbps video, 128kbps audio from the Wait A Minute video. HERE

Whatever You Like f/T.I. Single Artwork

Not sure if this legit, but here. Get lyrics here.Also, you can get nice untagged pics from CARMIT FOCUS, DollDomination, and PCDWORLD for the LiveEarth Concert.

08 July 2007

New Look

Like the new look? I am always making new banners and shuffling the colors to match. Credit for the pic goes to Kim at Nicolefan.com. Thanks!!!

What do you think?

07 July 2007

Jess Live - White Lies!!!

Get pics HERE.
Credit to JESSICA PCD in the affiliates.

06 July 2007

From Nicole's official Myspace

This is from Katie, who does updates on Nicole's Myspace. (She is a competitor of Nic's from Popstars!!!) The video pics are from the CW, for Nicole's solo song that will be their promo music, "Get Into It". No video shoot yet!!!

Emoticón actual: mareado

Hi All, Katie here with some updates. FINALLY!!! The song is out. http://hiphop.popcrunch.com/nicole-scherzinger-ft-ti-whatever-you-like/

I am so excited. I cant believe they finally put it out (a month late I know but thats the music industry for you!) Now I just cant wait for you to hear the rest of the album. My fav. track is Baby Love. She wrote that with Will I AM. I hope it is the second single but it might be SuperVillain instead. I like them all so we will see.

I havent written in forever because I have been busy. I spent the last couple of months planning a birthday party for Nicole and it was awesome but I am glad it is over. It is really hard to throw a party for her now. Now like our old party days at roller rink and the Kareoke Bar. LOL

There was another party we went to on her birthday night that interscope put on. It was off the hook!!!! I even asked Interscope to fly her parents in for the party and THEY DID!!! We had such a fun weekend. SOOOOO Much fun. They even played a bunch of tracks off the upcoming album so we got to dance to her songs all night. It was so amazing to see everyone's reactions. AWESOME!!!!

Contrary to the rumors on the interent. Nicole has NOT done her video yet. That is a shot from a CW commercial that you will see soon on TV. She was supposed to shoot it on the 16 and 17 of June, but it was pushed back. SORRY SORRY. Not my her fault - if any of you know how the record industry you understand that this stuff happens all the time.

Nic is in the UK right now doing a show with PCD. I am gonna pick her up on Sunday and then we are going to church. WE love going to church. God is good.

I hope you all have a blessed day and will be blasting "whatever you like"!!!!

Jessica Sutta - White Lies Ringtone

Jessica Sutta - White Lies Ringtone

Chelsea Korka - Give Me A Sign (Myspace Rip)

I ripped from myspace. New song, haven't listened yet. 96kbps MP3.

Chelsea Korka - Give Me A Sign

05 July 2007

Whatever You Like f/T.I. LEAK


By the way, the beat is not new. It's from Chili's (TLC) solo song "Straight Jack ('Em)".
See for yourself:

04 July 2007

Whatever You Like f/T.I.

Another pic. She looks pretty. I want to hear the song!!!

Umbrella (Cover)

Here is my cover of the song by Rihanna. If you'd like to download, I will update the post in a little bit.

*EDIT* Here it is...

Umbrella (Alejandro ~dro~) MP3 Link 1

03 July 2007

Brittani/Danielle? Diiorio - Let Me Breathe

New song on her myspace. 96kbps MP3. Really good.

Brittani/Danielle? Diiorio - Let Me Breathe

01 July 2007

SFTND Ringtones!!! Exclusive Media

These are exclusive... (MADE BY ME) ringtones of all the songs from the show (minus Tainted Love and IDNAM by Asia---posted tomorrow.) Fever and Big Spender all have individual tones for singers as well as Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, Shame, etc. Don't delay...mp3 tracks!!!

*pic credit jemallman at multiply.com

Instructions....for Verizon: these are all .mp3 files. Rename to .mid and go to your email account. Send as an attachment each song separately to [yourphonenumber]@vzwpix.com Then when it arrives you save as a sound.

SFTND Ringtones

Sway Remix

I don't think I've posted anything Sway-related on the site!! Besides the unofficial karaoke from http://onlyvipmedia.blogspot.comAnyway here is a remix I came across. MP3.

Sway Remix

Whatever You Like f/T.I.

Not the song (it hasn't leaked, and when it does I WILL NOT post) but here is a pic from the video shoot. Credit to george2007 at pcdworld.com's forum.