29 January 2008

Nicole - Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

The MP3 for her recent performance at Movies Rock 2007.Get it HERE

28 January 2008

Right Now (NBA Version)

Reuploaded. This is the slightly altered version, with a different ending.

Get it HERE

27 January 2008

350th Post - And news of Nicole's FOURTH Single

Not sure if true, but here is a news bit about Nicole, who may be teaming with Kelly Rowland to save maybe both of their solo careers.

Credit: Onlyvipmedia.blogspot.com

25 January 2008

Scream iPod Video, Part 2

Better quality, longer length and no Yahoo! Logo. Enjoy!Get it HERE

16 January 2008

"Scream" iPod Video

Until a DVDRip comes along, I downloaded the video and added the CDRip audio of the Radio Edit. Enjoy, it's already iPod-compatible.Get it HERE

Get the song HERE

15 January 2008

Who's Gonna Love U (Unofficial Mix) MP3

Here is the song in MP3 format. Enjoy it! Get it HERE

"Stickwitu" iPod Video

This is a really good rip, I must say (done by me). 512x384, ready for you iPod.Get it HERE

12 January 2008

"Happily Never After" on TV!

The song was featured on "Gossip Girl". This is great promo! Now people will wonder where to get the song, and possibly want to buy the album!!!

Wait A Minute - Single

This is the alternative version promo single.

2 versions of the songs (4:10 and 3:56) and the instrumental and acapella.

I never really liked this version though, there's more swearing in it.

Anyway, Get it


SFTND Versions/Edits

Remember the show? Where Asia (who ISN'T a doll) supposedly won a spot in the group? Well it never happened. But on the show, PCD songs were featured and modified. Here they are:

Don't Cha (2 versions)
Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)
I Don't Need A Man (2 versions)
Stickwitu (2 versions)

Get them HERE

Sway iPod Videos

Finally! I got back to my college dorm today with the superfast connection. Now I am able to post more frequently and upload larger files. To start, here are the two versions of the 'Sway' music video: one with scenes from "Shall We Dance" (the film which soundtrack includes the song) and the video without. Both are iPod format, and HQ DVDrips by me.


Sway (Shall We Dance) Video
Sway (Original) Video

09 January 2008

Check out my review for "Puakenikeni"!

Read it HERE

HQ PCD Wallpaper

Credit to the second to Carmit Focus. The first is the girls at a Spice Girls concert. The last is the cover artwork to "Stickwitu". Click for full-size.

Show Us What You Got/Stomp

Here is the song, reuploaded (all the way from February 2007!). This is the audio from the Live From London DVD.
Request filled.

Get it HERE

PCD Album Poll Results

After 190 votes, here are the results of the 'favorite PCD album track' poll.
'Buttons' won with 64 votes, a full third of the votes.

Check out the new poll. It's up for a month and you can vote for your favorite Nicole song.

08 January 2008

BTS "Scream" (Nicole feature)!

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at Timbaland's new video for his single "Scream" featuring Keri Hilson, and the very talented and beautiful Nicole Scherzinger of PCD fame. This is a truly hot song, which I posted previously.
Request it at radio, the video debuts in a week!

Get the song HERE