31 October 2007

Nicole at AOL Sessions

Recently Nicole visited AOL Sessions like the Dolls last year. She performed "Super Villain", "Baby Love", and "Happily Never After". The last two were the best, "Baby Love" is much better live. She was so sweet.

Get the 3 tracks HERE

Baby Love Official Remix

"The single "Baby Love" has been remixed by JR Rotem, which includes re-recorded lyrics that has received positive reviews from fans, and is being sent to radios; KIIS-FM Los Angeles has already added this version to their playlist."

Get it HERE

Puakenikeni LQ Clip

Similar to the re-recording of "Here I Come" by Fergie for the CW, "Puakenikeni" became "Get Into It" this fall. Enjoy, the album is a long ways away.

Get it HERE

Her Name Is Nicole pushed back AGAIN

Back to 2008. I don't see a point anymore in albums this year. Especially Interscope and Nicole. They messed her project up BIG time.


27 October 2007

Super Villain Edits

Here I have for you the acapella, instrumental and club mix of "Super Villain", the supposed 3rd single from Nicole. Check 'em out.

Promo includes:
Acapella mp3
Instrumental m4a
Club mix mp3

26 October 2007

Her Name Is Nicole - November 20th!!!

Remember to get your copy! Here is the tracklisting:

  1. "Super Villain"
  2. "Who's Gonna Love You"
  3. "Power's Out" (featuring Sting)
  4. "Puakenikeni"
  5. "Happily Never After"
  6. "Baby Love" (featuring Will-I-Am)
  7. "Save Me From Myself"
  8. "Physical" (featuring Timbaland)
  9. "Love Like This"
  10. "Just Say Yes"
  11. "When You're Falling"
  12. "Whatever You Like" (featuring T.I.)
  13. "I M.I.S.S. You"
  14. "March"
  15. "I Blow" (featuring Busta Rhymes)
  16. "Feels So Good"
  17. "Get 'Em Ladies"
  18. "On My Side"

17 October 2007

Super Villain - 3rd Single

What do you think?

14 October 2007

Double The Trouble: Rumors again.....

This is on wikipedia: it's so sad.

PCD - Santa Baby

From a while back. Ashley and Jessica 'sing' here. They lipsynch to a backing track, but it is their voices. Enjoy, MP4 video.

Get it HERE

Nicole in Blender Magazine

Nicole is featured on and in the November issue of Blender magazine. Pick it up, and remember the single "Baby Love" is out now. Request it and buy the album Nov. 20!!!

13 October 2007

Super Villain HQ and Instrumental

Enjoy. The HQ has leaked along with the instrumental. Get the album November 20th.HERE

07 October 2007

Jessica - White Lies live at NOCTURNAL

She sounds great!

PCD Bonus Tracks

Here are the bonus tracks from PCD, reuploaded on mediafire:
  1. "Sway" – 3:12
  2. "Flirt" – 2:56
  3. "We Went as Far as We Felt Like Going" - 3:50
  4. "Don't Cha" (Live Version) (Japanese Edition Exclusive Track) - 3:32
128kbps AAC (.m4a) files
Get them HERE

HNIN Track Info

From rap-up.com

Nicole - Baby Love (Pepsi Smash)

Here is the video. Although she is still straining, this is her best performance yet. Can't wait for the album. Check back later for the MP3.

Baby Love Nicole Scherzinger Live
Uploaded by Lovelypopi

02 October 2007

New Nicole Confirmed tracks!!!