31 January 2009

30 January 2009

PCD - We Love To Entertain You (TV Spot)

This is what many thought was the video for TOTW.

So wrong.

Later today...

I will be posting the audio to the Glasgow and Birmingham dates on PCD's current DD World Tour.
I also have some covers from the excellent users over at SpillItNow.

Stay tuned!!!

29 January 2009

IHTP stalls for second week outside the top 10

BB HOT 100:


I can't take this....!!!!

Bottle Pop (Remixes)

They have leaked.

01. Bottle Pop (Urban Mix) Feat. Snoop Dogg & Kardinal Offishall 3:00
02. Bottle Pop (Digital Dogs Extended) 4:04
03. Bottle Pop (Moto Blanco Club Mix) 6:52
04. Bottle Pop (Dave Aude Club Mix) 8:32

Jessica, Nicole and Melody recording 'TOTW' in the studio

From DD. Jess IN THE STUDIO! How brilliant is that?

20 January 2009

Jessica - If I Was A Man

She does ad-libs!

Melody - Space

Nicole - Halo

19 January 2009

Tour: More Videos

Thanks to the PCDWorld forum users and the original uploaders!

Doll Domination Setlist

Setlist of World Domination Tour

Doll Domination (Video Introduction)
#1 Takin' Over The World
#2 Beep
#3 Elevator
#4 Magic
#5 Hush Hush
#6 Bottle Pop

Costume Change:
#7 Buttons
#8 Stickwitu
#9 I Hate This Part
#10 I Don't Need a Man
#11 Whatcha Think About That

Costume Change:
#12 Played (Ashley Solo)
#13 Space (Melody Solo)
#14 Don't Wanna Fall In Love (Kimberley Solo)
#15 If I Was A Man (Jessica Solo)
#16 Until U Love U (Nicole Solo)

#17 Don't Cha
#18 When I Grow Up

PCD Tour Kick-off: Videos!


07 January 2009

02 January 2009

Bottle Pop (New Mix) [Live]

This must be the radio/single/alternate mix. Wonder if it'll be released on iTunes, but here is the live version from NYE. I really like it.

Download Bottle Pop (New Mix) [Live]

New Year's Eve Performances

I thought they were much stronger than past performances, however I really do not like the ending of IHTP now. I guess people aren't used to PCD being so serious, so they like a bit of novelty dance added in but I think it takes away from the sincerity of the song. Makes me sad. BP on the other hand was great. The splits were amazing! I don't like Nic lip-syncing or the other girls lacking mics, but I can't do anything about. At least Melody should have a part in the song. Hmmmm....

"IHTP" Cover by Savannah7448

She is perfect. Wow...I am just blown away!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Sorry, I was a bit tired the day after, but I hope you guys had a great evening and celebrated it well :)

May 2009 bring on new heights for the Dolls!!!