29 May 2007

Alejandro ~dro~ Music

Some stuff I've been fiddling around with...listen and comment...

Requests!!! MP3s!!!

Here ya go....two Manchester tracks!

Intro requested by Iain MP3

Wait A Minute (Interlude)

PCD Photos/Wallpapers/Artwork

I was bored and decided to make some pics.

Some are artwork for the way I have the PCD music organized in my iTunes collection.
I have my own albums for the live performances and edits I have found.

Click for the fullsize and download if you like. I also have some as wallpapers.
Alejandro ~dro~

28 May 2007

Papi Lover f/Nicole

Here is the song, credit to KEVIPODMUSIC. Enjoy, MP3. I will be back soon you guys!! I have taken this time "off" to edit more PCD tracks and find new ones, alwayd getting you guys the exclusives!!!

Papi Lover MP3

24 May 2007

About posting...

Hey, Alejandro ~dro~ here. I will not be able to post frequently for another week or so, due to my dad not letting me use the home computer for awhile (with the reliable connection). My iBook has a wireless connection that is very weak and not reliable, so I will be doing a megapost or two when I return. Hopefully this will be by June 3rd,2007. Check back then, and go o the media for the already available downloads.

21 May 2007


Hey, posting something from VipMedia. Not mine!! Enjoy...
Stickwitu feat. Avant (RnB Remix).mp3
Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) (Remix).mp3
We Went As Far As We Felt Like Going.mp3
Don't Cha (Live Studio Version).mp3
Don't Cha (instrumental).mp3
Beep (Instrumental).mp3
Stickwitu (Instrumental).mp3
Buttons (Instrumental).mp3
Buttons (Accapella).mp3
Beep (Extended Video Dance Break).mp3
Buttons (Featuring Snoop Dogg Acapella).mp3
I don´t need a man (Instrumental).mp3
Wait A Minute (Acapella).mp3
Wait A Minute (Instrumental).mp3
Right Now(NBA Version).mp3
Dont Cha (Simlish Version).mp3
Dont Cha (Lil Jon Remix).mp3
Beep (Clean Album Edit).mp3
Dont Cha (no rap Radio Version).mp3
Pussycat Dolls-Exlusive_Rare_Stuff.onlyvipmedia.blogs...zip
Size: 79.3 MB
Feat. Busta Rhymes-Don`t Cha (Extended Mix).mp3
Dont Cha (No Rap Version).mp3
Sway(Unoffical Karaoke).mp3
Stomp(New Live Version).mp3
Bite The Dust (VipMedia Radio Edit).mp3
Feat. Ying Yang Twins - Buttons (Remix).mp3
Buttons (Dave Aude Button Fly Edit).mp3
I Don't Need A Man (Honda Tour Mix).mp3
Wait a minute (Alternative mix).mp3
Stickwitu (Dave Aude Radio Edit).mp3
Pussycat Dolls -Exlusive_Rare_Stuff.onlyvipmedia.blog...zip
Size: 44.3 MB

If these links fail, I offer just about all of these...go to media. It's just nice to have them all together, and escape rapidshare's time limits.

Alejandro ~dro~

18 May 2007

Big Spender 2 (Alejandro ~dro~) and MP3 Instrumental

Version 2 of my cover of Big Spender. AAC.

Big Spender 2

Instrumental MP3

PCD Store (New)

The Dolls' store has been updated, and you can now buy items from videos, appearances, and other Pussycat Doll-related merchandise. It has been up awhile, but I am posting to let anyone who didn't know, know.

PCD Store

*Pic from Jordan over at PCD Fever

17 May 2007

Asia's first performance with the DOLLS Part 2

Here are a pic from the CW Upfront. This is the first public appearance SFTND winner Asia has made with the Pussycat Dolls. Upfronts are when TV networks announce new shows and the schedule for the up and coming fall season.
They opened the show. The performance was alright. Then Nicole closed the show with her new song, which is the theme for the CW. The song is ok. The second season of Search for the Next Doll will air mid-season.
They all looked beautiful in person. It was weird to see Asia in the lineup, especially when Ashley wasn't there. Kimberly cut her hair. Nicole was a little dark, maybe because of her time in Hawaii.


Requests!!! MP3s

PCdontcha and others had requests...here they are!!

Lady Marmalade (SFTND Asia, Chelsea, and Melissa R) MP3
Pink Panther/Fever/Big Spender (Anastacia, Asia, Chelsea, Melissa R, Melissa S) MP3
Don't Cha Instrumental MP3

16 May 2007

Girlesque - Pink Panther Fever MP3

A request, a rip of the vid from youtube. I try to make a better rip if I can. Enjoy!!

Girlesque - Pink Panther Fever

15 May 2007

Asia's first performance with the DOLLS

From her myspace blog:



9:15 PM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos

Here is her page's title lol: Asia's Official site I am still a pussycat dol

PCD Vodafone TBA Songs

The songs from London, but the shortened Vodafone TBA clips.

Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)

These in a package:

I Don't Need A Man

Get the four HERE

Girlesque Wallpaper

Hey made this for the fans...I am definitely gonna support them if they become a group. They could be the supporting act for the PCD!! Anyway, just clikc on the image and it should show fullsize. Right-click and save.

14 May 2007


Supposedly they are an actual group, but "Girlesque" is the name of a group featuring Melissa Smith, Melissa Reyes, and Chelsea Korka from PCD Present: Search For The Next Doll. Maybe this is what Mel and Chels were talking of when they said they were working together? Anyway here are some vids:

I will post an audio rip tomorrow.

12 May 2007

Requests/New Edits

Some new media!!! Sorry it's been a little dry lately, but I was bored and had some ideas.

REQUEST FILLED: Hot Stuff/Bite the Dust (Manchester) MP3

Instrumentals: (I edited IDNAM and Stickwitu Instrumentals)

I Don't Need A Man (Now ends like album track, not a fade-out)
Stickwitu (Bridge longer, matches album track)
Sway *onlyvipmedia.blogspot.com (Unofficial, more or less a karaoke)

As a package HERE

Search For The Next Doll Edits
(Album tracks edited to match SFTND performances- *Jordan and Matthew, as well as myself)

Stickwitu (Melissa Edit) MP3

These four are in a package or you can download Don't Cha alone:
Don't Cha (Asia/Group Finale Edit)
I Don't Need A Man
Hot Stuff

All four here

Eden's Crush

Get Over Yourself
Sólo Piensas En Ti/Get Over Yourself (Spanish)
Love This Way
Love This Way (Bass/Radio Edit)
"Popstars" Album

Just for any fans like me out there, nicole-scherzinger.net has a lot of media. You can also head to dolldomination.net in the Affiliates and join the forum to find more, pics, videos, and music. Head over if you still EC music and Nicole, as much as I do.

BTW, Nicole is well as we all know, Ivette spoke to me a few times on myspace and checked out my EC website and music covers. I have not heard from Maile, but Rosanna is a success over at TVGuide. Here are some new pics of Ana, with her sister Shalom:

10 May 2007

Search for The Next Doll: The Soundtrack

NEW, IMPROVED, better quality songs and new ones included.

The songs from PCD Present : The Search for The Next Doll!!! Enjoy!!!

Search for The Next Doll: The Soundtrack
Credit to Jordan, MYSELF, and melissareyes.net

09 May 2007

Sisely Treasure Songs (Myspace Rips)

Someone requested these. I ripped them. They are 96kbps in MP3, in a RAR.

Sisely Treasure Songs (Myspace Rips)

Feelin' Good/Stickwitu Medley

PCDontcha requested this a while ago. Enjoy, it's MP3.

Feelin' Good/Stickwitu Medley

07 May 2007

Christina Aguilera f.PCD - Nasty Naughty Boy

A lot people have been asking to see this; here you go. Oh yeah, Christina confirmed she is working on PCD's second album. I cannot wait!!

06 May 2007

Pussycat Doll Asia Nitollano Article

By Deborah Starr Seibel

May 6, 2007 -- It would take more than reality television to scare Asia Nitollano. After all, the 19-year-old winner of the CW's "Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll" grew up in the Bronx. "Nobody understands what I went though, just as a female," says Nitollano, who had a rough time at Lehman High School. "Where I was raised wasn't a 'Brady Bunch' environment."

Nitollano, who's been dancing since the age of four (Latin, jazz, hip hop), says she was ostracized for being different. "I had to watch my back," she says. "There was a lot of hate and jealousy because I was a good singer and a good dancer. And I looked different from all the other girls because I'm mixed: Black, Puerto Rican and Filipino."

Things got so bad that in her junior year, Nitollano, pregnant, transferred to Pelham Preparatory Academy, a private school. "Which was the best thing that ever happened to me," she says. "It was a smaller school and the people there were really supportive."

Nitollano, who now lives in Mount Vernon, showed that same kind of generosity to her fellow competitors on the show. When the other girls were struggling with complicated choreography, Nitollano stepped in to help.

"I'm not the type to keep to myself and think, 'If I help her she's going to be better than me.' If the girl's better than me, then she's better than me. I still have to maintain who I am as a human being, first."

So now she's waiting to hear about her recording and touring schedule with The Pussycat Dolls. And her mother is ready to step in to help care for her two-year daughter, Thais.

"She's my number one priority," says Nitollano. "When I first auditioned in New York, I thought, 'If they have a problem with it, then the job is not for me.' But they seemed to love the fact that I'm a single mom who's still pursuing her dreams." It doesn't hurt that she was given an undisclosed cash prize for winning the show. How much? "That's private," she says. "But it's more money than I've ever seen."

source : http://www.nypost.com/seven/05062007/tv/bronx_cheer_tv_deborah_starr_seibel.htm

Buttons 2 f/Snoop Dogg (Dance Edit) Video

Here is my video! Made it today and put on youtube! I may post the high quality version later.

Melissa R Ringtones

The CWTV offers ringtones for the sftnd, here is a collection of Melissa R's for all of her fans out there:

Meliss R Ringtone Package

*Credit to the poster at melissareyes.net

Beep f/Ludovic Buttons (Official Remix)

These are two new songs for you collectors out there:

Beep f/Ludovic from Star Academy in France Last November
Buttons (Official Remix from PCD Tour Edition)

Don't Cha (PCD MVM Single)

These are two tracks you won't find anywhere else: a HQ version of Don't Cha feat Busta Rhymes WITH explicit lyrics. I put the instrumental and acapella together. The second track is the same as the first without Nicole singing, just the backing vocals and Busta rapping, without explicit lyrics, so basically a karaoke track. (I MADE BOTH. CREDIT PCD MVM IF YOU USE THEM.)

Don't Cha (PCD MVM Single)

05 May 2007

Pussycat Dolls Deichmann Shoe Commercial

The video for you guys. It's an MPEG, but HQ: 12.8 MB for 30sec.
Pussycat Dolls Deichmann Shoe Commercial

Buttons (Jay Leno Edit) MP3

Jordan edited the album track to match the performance on Jay Leno from May 18th 2006. Enjoy, it's in MP3!

Buttons (Jay Leno Edit) MP3

Stickwitu (Live Fugi)

This is from Jordan...Stickwitu from Fugi. I think it's from the Honda Civic tour.

Stickwitu (Live Fugi)

04 May 2007

Buttons 2 f/Snoop Dogg (Video/Dance Edit)

Here is a new edit of mine that I edited and made tonight. I am going to put into the Buttons video like I did with Beep.

Buttons 2 f/Snoop Dogg (Video/Dance Edit)

03 May 2007

Chelsea Korka - Better Than (Myspace Rip)

REQUEST filled. This is Chelsea's solo song, recorded before SFTND. Enjoy, it's in MP3!!!

Better Than

02 May 2007

MEDIA Link added

I added a link at the side for access to all the Media on the site. If abused, the link will simply disappear.