12 May 2007

Requests/New Edits

Some new media!!! Sorry it's been a little dry lately, but I was bored and had some ideas.

REQUEST FILLED: Hot Stuff/Bite the Dust (Manchester) MP3

Instrumentals: (I edited IDNAM and Stickwitu Instrumentals)

I Don't Need A Man (Now ends like album track, not a fade-out)
Stickwitu (Bridge longer, matches album track)
Sway *onlyvipmedia.blogspot.com (Unofficial, more or less a karaoke)

As a package HERE

Search For The Next Doll Edits
(Album tracks edited to match SFTND performances- *Jordan and Matthew, as well as myself)

Stickwitu (Melissa Edit) MP3

These four are in a package or you can download Don't Cha alone:
Don't Cha (Asia/Group Finale Edit)
I Don't Need A Man
Hot Stuff

All four here

1 comment:

Miyu le Cherie said...

Hi. Could you upload sway unofficial karaoke on mediafire.com cuz I can't use rapidshare and I really need this song ASAP. Thx. I really appreciate it.