06 May 2007

Don't Cha (PCD MVM Single)

These are two tracks you won't find anywhere else: a HQ version of Don't Cha feat Busta Rhymes WITH explicit lyrics. I put the instrumental and acapella together. The second track is the same as the first without Nicole singing, just the backing vocals and Busta rapping, without explicit lyrics, so basically a karaoke track. (I MADE BOTH. CREDIT PCD MVM IF YOU USE THEM.)

Don't Cha (PCD MVM Single)


BsMx said...

Hi! i found the explicit version in a "thailandese" (did i type that right?) version of PCD or something! who knows, I downloaded it from a torrent file it's a "2CD" edition

Alejandro ~dro~ said...

I have that version, its called Tour Edition, 2 discs. that explicit version is different.