29 June 2007

Happy Birthday, Nicole!!!

Feliz cumpleanos, Nicole!!! En este dia tienes 29 anos!!! Tienes casi 30!! Disfrute el dia con tus amigos y familia, los que te aman y admiran desean que el dia pase bien.

Nicole Elikolani Prescovia Scherzinger
(also known as Nicole Kea) (born June 29, 1978), is an American singer, dancer, songwriter and occasional actress best known for her work as the lead vocalist for the Pussycat Dolls.

Buttons (Live Edit)

I don't quite remember where/who I got this from, but listen. I will be posting the Buttons video mix without Snoop later (an Alejandro ~dro~ edit)!Buttons (Live Edit)

Beep (Reggaeton Edit)

From a promo CD single I bought (on eBay), here is the 'reggaeton' remix of Beep. AAC.

Beep (Reggaeton Edit)

26 June 2007

175th Post: Get Over Yourself (7th version)

Here is the link to my cover of the song by Eden's Crush (Nicole's first group) and the video.

Get Over Yourself 7

Yo! Lack of posts

Somebody recently died in my family and I haven't been able to update in a couple of days. I'm sorry, but I had to take time away. New posts should begin tonight. Please start commenting, cause I am starting to think this blog isn't worth it; people harass me and accuse me of lies and I will be at an Ivy League University in the fall, I don't HAVE to do this. So be grateful or both MVMs may disappear.

24 June 2007

SFTND Wallpaper

From Jaime A. Pino over at http://jaimephotoshop.blogspot.com/
Here is a wallpaper in two different sizes, of the girls from SFTND. Use them as much as you need.

23 June 2007

White Lies Fanmade Cover

Credit to myckle84 at DollDomination. Click for fullsize.

22 June 2007

Buttons (DJ Extreme Edit)

Here is a rip I did of a Youtube vid...DJ Extreme. It's AAC.

Buttons (DJ Extreme Edit)

Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) SFTND Edit

I think this the one I forgot to post for you guys...sorry. If anyone else has instrumentals they'd like me to edit, then I would appreciate it.

Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) SFTND Edit

Don't Cha Beep My Tainted Girlfriend AAC

Credit to Kim* at NICOLEFAN.COM for this mix. It's pretty cool, listen to it. AAC.

Don't Cha Beep My Tainted Girlfriend AAC

18 June 2007

Stickwitu (AOL Sessions) 2

Someone at the board at PCDWorld edited the AOL Sessions track of Stickwitu, here is the edit. Pretty small edits, but nice. Plus the audio level is better.

Stickwitu (AOL Sessions) 2 AAC

Buttons f/Snoop Dogg (Extended Final Edit)

Don't know if you have or have heard this, from onlyvipmedia.blogspot.com. It's a cool edit of Buttons using the acapella, instrumental, and video edit. It's pretty good, but you can somtimes hear the seams and switches between songs. But other than that, great.

Buttons f/Snoop Dogg (Extended Final Edit) AAC

17 June 2007

SFTND Instrumentals

Here they are!! Exclusive media, password protected. If you have the pass, go ahead and download. If you need it send me an email (or register in the shoutbox with a valid email. I can tracks IPs Fatlum, so don't even try). Remember if I notice the downloads have more than the amount of times the password was given, then media will be locked and the password changed and only requested exclusive media will be made and sent directly to email. I am trying to cut down on the piracy of the special tracks I make (ie fatlum among others) so this is your only chance.

Here is the track list:

The songs are all 160kbps MP3, as requested.

1,2 Step
Big Spender
Crazy In Love
I Don't Need A Man
I Turn To You (Backing)
Lady Marmalade (Backing)
Stickwitu (3 versions; 1 backing)
Too Little Too Late

I am having troubles with Don't Know Why and Pon de Replay, as well as What A Girl Wants.
If any of you have these instrumentals and want to send me copies please do. I am trying to fix the copies I do have. Thanks.

These are also available separately:

Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
Unbreak My Heart
Big Spender (Extended Edit)

16 June 2007

SFTND Edits (Alejandro ~dro~)

I reedited some of the tracks. They sound better in my opinion lol. AAC tracks.

Stickwitu 2
I Don't Need A Man 2
Don't Cha 2

15 June 2007

Nelly MusicVideoMedia

My new blog...I was going to do a joint, but I think a separate blog will be much better. The address is http://nellymusic.blogspot.com and is now listed under navigation and affiliates. The shoutbox for this blog and the Nelly one are the same, and the sidebar settings are the same. So if you like Nelly, the navigation and use of this site is identical to this site.

Go visit!!!

14 June 2007

Asia N Dolls (New pics from her Myspace)

So to quell so rumors about Asia NOT being in the group, here are some new pics. So stop hating, haters. AH HA!!!!

Tainted Love (Backing Instrumental) EXCLUSIVE!!!

I edited the album track to make an instrumental that will do until an official instrumental is officially released. It's really good, if I do say so myself. It's password protected, so if you want it, send me an email for the password. And if the password is passed out, I will change it and not offer anY exclusive tracks I make anymore.

Tainted Love (Backing Instrumental) MP3

PCD Nelly

I have been thinking for a long time to add Nelly (not Furtado) to the blog. He is my favorite rapper, and PCD is my favorite group. They are the two artists I listen to the most, besides my own music haha. I am seriously considering adding him. Tell what you think. If no one replies I will just start putting PCD and Nelly posts together.

Scene 23:Popstars 2

Hey! I have this album, but someone already uploaded it(4musizlovers.blogspot.com). Nicole was on season one of Popstars, and Josh Henderson (Desperate Housewives) was on season 2 in a group called Scene23. They had less success and the album was more like a soundtrack to season 2. Anway, here is the album. BTW, I have all the episodes of seasons one and two on VHS and will rip them once I can.

Popstars 2 - Introducing Scene23

13 June 2007

Nicole Scherzinger SOLO Album Clips

From kevipodmusic.blogspot.com, here are two clips from her solo album, "Her Name Is Nicole".

I M.I.S.S. U and Baby Love

Poll Results

Nicole is a fav among a lot of people. But look who's beating her!!! That's really cool. The solo song really pushed her up. I can't wait for "Double The Trouble"!!

Buttons/Beep (Studio) Continued...

So the version of Buttons/Beep by Matthew was redone by Jordan, because he wanted to try his hand at it. So it got me thinking, and I decided to do my own version as well. See which one you like best and leave a comment in the shoutbox.

Buttons/Beep (Studio) Alejandro ~dro~

Buttons/Beep (Studio) Jordan
Buttons/Beep (Studio) Matthew

12 June 2007

New Cover Music

Here is the video to the new song I am recording. Nelly - Flap Your Wings

Buttons/Beep (Studio)

Studio version of the edit they use live. This comes from Matthew, who made it for the blog. It's really well done.

Buttons/Beep (Studio)

Beep (Yahoo!) and Beep (CDUSA)

Two live performances of one of my fav PCD songs. They are AAC. Enjoy, I edited them from videos and converted.

Beep (Yahoo!)
Beep (CDUSA)

10 June 2007

Double The Trouble (Fanmade pic)

Gabe over at GABECODE (check the affiliates) made this pic. Use it as a wallpaper. It's nice.

Fatlum from the sad ultimatepcdfan.wb.st

BANNED. From the shoutbox. Any spam comments by him wil be deleted and he's gone from the Affiliates. You already know he accused me of theft, whichis exactly what he does. I sent Kim*, the owner of NICOLEFAN.COM a personal message saying this:

Hey Kim* I am just writing to let you know I had to ban FATLUM from my site. He was saying I stole media and etc. Then he started calling me gay and etc, so he got banned from my site.

He stole a pic I made and I am pretty sure that he stole some songs too. I know he steals your news as well and barely changes a word, so I also deleted him from affliates. He is useless...

I make most of the songs I have, such as the Beep, Bite The Dust, Tainted Love, Don't Cha, Wait A Minute, [Tainted Love, Hot Stuff, Bite The Dust] TOUR EDITS. I even made new instrumentals by editing old ones...I usually edit photos for posing and ALWAYS CREDIT the original source for all media. All pics retain the tag.

He is a thief. Stealing from everyone on the web and then lying about it. But his site is "ultimatepcdfan" I laugh at that. Almost nothing is original on his site. He took from PCD Empire, their great pics. That is so sad....

Send me a msg and get back at me!!

So hopefully its all over. I don't wish him bad fortune, but nothing good. So there it is.

09 June 2007

Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (Alejandro ~dro~)

Hey! Here's a cover I did back in August of '06. Since there isn't an instrumental, I am singing with the track. Comment and tell me what you think!

Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (Alejandro ~dro~) MP3

SFTND Instrumentals

I got some more coming for you guys and they will be up TOMORROW (sorry for the change). Remember these are exclusive and you'll be the first to have them before they get passed around the net....so wait patiently, they'll be up.

These are what I have:

I Turn To You
Lady Marmalade (Possibly, need better quality track)
1,2 Step
Crazy In Love
Don't Know Why
Big Spender (New version)
Pon de Replay
Too Little Too Late
What A Girl Wants

In other 'news', 'FATLUM' at ultimatepcdfan.wb.st has been removed from the affiliates, and many have noticed, he is spamming the shoutbox and accusing me stealing media. HA!! I bought most of what I have and ripped from live videos, and what I do have from others, I CREDIT!!! I have many loyal friends and supporting here at PCD MVM. I left this message in his shoutbox:

Alejandro ~dro~: Do not come to my site and say rude things. The downloads I have I get from others who i credit or i make them using an editor. You have stolen from many PCD sites, but I dont steal, I CREDIT!!!

So, yeah he needs to stop. He stole media from several sites and even stole ORIGINAL GRAPHICS from PCD Empire (Affiliate). And yet, his site is called "ULTIMAREPCDFAN"!!! What a joke!!

08 June 2007

Nicole Scherzinger - Come To Me (Solo)

Brandibunny requested, here you go. An Alejandro ~dro~ edit. Comment and tell me what you think. This is 160kbps AAC (.m4a)...Enjoy!!!

Come To Me (Solo)

Jessica Sutta - SOLO Part 2

Over at NICOLEFAN.COM, Kim capped the song White Lies from Paul Van Dyk. You can download the song now!!! Credit for song and pic to NICOLEFAN.COM

Solely the song: from Martin Nguyen
White Lies Jessica Sutta MP3 HQ
With an intro (unnecessary)
White Lies Jessica Sutta MP3

Don't Cha Radio Edits

Two tracks. One is MQ and the other is the track that leaked in the summer of 2005. Same song, one is clean and the other explicit.

Download HERE.


Head over to the PCD wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pussycat_Dolls

Look whats's there: THE PHOTO I MADE FOR MY BLOG. Haha, that is too funny.

PCD Fugi Tracks

These come from Jordan over at PCD Fever (check the affiliates).

Don't Cha

All in one package (RAR) use WinRAR to open. These are AAC (.m4a) 128 kbps.


Beep (Dance) AAC and MP3

I finally learned all the choreography to Beep and made a version that cuts out the unnecessary parts where no choreographed dance exists. It ends like the SFTND Dance Edit they performed.I made this all on my own, its a Alejandro ~dro~ edit, so enjoy. It's 2:06. Enjoy!!!

Beep (Dance)
Beep (Dance) MP3

PCD Bonus Tracks (Japan/Euro Imports)

I have for you the bonus tracks (excluding Sway) of PCD, its various songs. PCD Euro has Sway and Flirt (WWAFAWFLG on some versions) and PCD Japan has Sway, Flirt, WWAFAWFLG and Don't Cha Studio Live. Here are the tracks in AAC (.m4a) 128kbps. Flirt is MP3. If you need mp3 I suggest imTOO Audio Encoder.

Flirt (International Bonus)
We Went As Far As We Felt Like Going (International Bonus)
Don't Cha (Studio Live) (Japan Bonus)

The last two come in a package and have the same link. I have Sway, I just have to transfer from my iBook. If you'd like ringtones of these songs, go to the archives for MARCH.

05 June 2007

Jessica Sutta - SOLO

Jessica is finally branching out on her own, she is featured on Paul Van Dyk's solo album, on a track called White Lies. The most important thing is that it's confirmed in the clip's opening. When the track leaks, I will upload it, but until then here is a clip---and she sounds great!!!

White Lies Clip MP3 from Pinup Angel

PCD Tour Edits (Alejandro ~dro~)

A bunch of albums tracks I edited...Don't Cha was the hardest. I took the album version with the other Dolls on background vocals instead of Cee-Lo and then used the bridge from the No Rap edit. Then I used the ending remix from the Live Studio Edit from the Japanese import of PCD. These are all AAC (.m4a). I also did Wait A Minute to replace the older version made by Matt, and the new one is more correct. Beep is new as well, I am replacing Jordan's file.

Be sure to use this artwork in iTunes, if you'd like. It's 500x500, the perfect size.

Bite The Dust
Tainted Love
Tainted Love, Hot Stuff, Bite The Dust
Don't Cha
Wait A Minute
Buttons (4 edits from Matt and Jordan)

SFTND MP3 Instrumentals and Pics

New Stuff enjoy...

Unbreak My Heart SFTND MP3 Instrumental
Don't Wanna Miss A Thing SFTND MP3 Instrumental

02 June 2007

Unbreak My Heart (SFTND Instrumental)

Request by Emilie. She provided the track and I edited it. Listen and comment, and send me your own version of you singing with it!! (I will do it too!!)


Papi Lover Lyrics (not all correct, the Spanish looks kinda bad)

HERE (txt file)

01 June 2007


Requested was a remix of Buttons from a Myspace page: