05 June 2007

PCD Tour Edits (Alejandro ~dro~)

A bunch of albums tracks I edited...Don't Cha was the hardest. I took the album version with the other Dolls on background vocals instead of Cee-Lo and then used the bridge from the No Rap edit. Then I used the ending remix from the Live Studio Edit from the Japanese import of PCD. These are all AAC (.m4a). I also did Wait A Minute to replace the older version made by Matt, and the new one is more correct. Beep is new as well, I am replacing Jordan's file.

Be sure to use this artwork in iTunes, if you'd like. It's 500x500, the perfect size.

Bite The Dust
Tainted Love
Tainted Love, Hot Stuff, Bite The Dust
Don't Cha
Wait A Minute
Buttons (4 edits from Matt and Jordan)

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