10 June 2007

Fatlum from the sad ultimatepcdfan.wb.st

BANNED. From the shoutbox. Any spam comments by him wil be deleted and he's gone from the Affiliates. You already know he accused me of theft, whichis exactly what he does. I sent Kim*, the owner of NICOLEFAN.COM a personal message saying this:

Hey Kim* I am just writing to let you know I had to ban FATLUM from my site. He was saying I stole media and etc. Then he started calling me gay and etc, so he got banned from my site.

He stole a pic I made and I am pretty sure that he stole some songs too. I know he steals your news as well and barely changes a word, so I also deleted him from affliates. He is useless...

I make most of the songs I have, such as the Beep, Bite The Dust, Tainted Love, Don't Cha, Wait A Minute, [Tainted Love, Hot Stuff, Bite The Dust] TOUR EDITS. I even made new instrumentals by editing old ones...I usually edit photos for posing and ALWAYS CREDIT the original source for all media. All pics retain the tag.

He is a thief. Stealing from everyone on the web and then lying about it. But his site is "ultimatepcdfan" I laugh at that. Almost nothing is original on his site. He took from PCD Empire, their great pics. That is so sad....

Send me a msg and get back at me!!

So hopefully its all over. I don't wish him bad fortune, but nothing good. So there it is.

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