09 June 2007

SFTND Instrumentals

I got some more coming for you guys and they will be up TOMORROW (sorry for the change). Remember these are exclusive and you'll be the first to have them before they get passed around the net....so wait patiently, they'll be up.

These are what I have:

I Turn To You
Lady Marmalade (Possibly, need better quality track)
1,2 Step
Crazy In Love
Don't Know Why
Big Spender (New version)
Pon de Replay
Too Little Too Late
What A Girl Wants

In other 'news', 'FATLUM' at ultimatepcdfan.wb.st has been removed from the affiliates, and many have noticed, he is spamming the shoutbox and accusing me stealing media. HA!! I bought most of what I have and ripped from live videos, and what I do have from others, I CREDIT!!! I have many loyal friends and supporting here at PCD MVM. I left this message in his shoutbox:

Alejandro ~dro~: Do not come to my site and say rude things. The downloads I have I get from others who i credit or i make them using an editor. You have stolen from many PCD sites, but I dont steal, I CREDIT!!!

So, yeah he needs to stop. He stole media from several sites and even stole ORIGINAL GRAPHICS from PCD Empire (Affiliate). And yet, his site is called "ULTIMAREPCDFAN"!!! What a joke!!

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