08 October 2009

Goodbye, bloggers

My life has moved on...PCD has changed, as I have. I look back at this blog as a big memory of the way my life was. I'm sorry, but this has been a great chapter that I will now close.

02 April 2009


SORRY! I have been busy with sophomore year here in college, went to DC, hung with an ex-boyfriend...I am here for you now!!!

22 February 2009

'Jai Ho' going for radio adds

3/3 Mainstream
Nick Lachey "Patience" (Jive/Zomba)
Pussycat Dolls & A R Rahman f/Nicole Scherzinger
“Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)” (Interscope)
V Factory "Love Struck" (Reprise)

05 February 2009

Top of the World [iTunes Chart]

Currently #29 on the iTunes main chart, just 2 days after release! Amazing. It's such a deserving song.

Top of the World [Released]

The song was released to both iTunes and Amazon MP3 on Tuesday, in both unprotected 256kbps MP3/AAC format. Buy it! The song features a new intro presumably by Jessica and more layered, thicker vocals.


01 February 2009

Kim finally sings...

She sounds scared, and nervous. But there is potential there, if she learns to project. I think she is a good singer, just not very used to actually singing.

Bottle Pop (No Rap Version)

Ripped from the video, I like this version more. I really don't like Snoop on the album edit.

Get it HERE

Bottle Pop (iPod Video)

Converted from the MKV TVRip floating around. Enjoy!

Get it HERE

Bottle Pop (Better Quality)

I love the no rap version!

31 January 2009

30 January 2009

PCD - We Love To Entertain You (TV Spot)

This is what many thought was the video for TOTW.

So wrong.

Later today...

I will be posting the audio to the Glasgow and Birmingham dates on PCD's current DD World Tour.
I also have some covers from the excellent users over at SpillItNow.

Stay tuned!!!

29 January 2009

IHTP stalls for second week outside the top 10

BB HOT 100:


I can't take this....!!!!

Bottle Pop (Remixes)

They have leaked.

01. Bottle Pop (Urban Mix) Feat. Snoop Dogg & Kardinal Offishall 3:00
02. Bottle Pop (Digital Dogs Extended) 4:04
03. Bottle Pop (Moto Blanco Club Mix) 6:52
04. Bottle Pop (Dave Aude Club Mix) 8:32

Jessica, Nicole and Melody recording 'TOTW' in the studio

From DD. Jess IN THE STUDIO! How brilliant is that?

20 January 2009

Jessica - If I Was A Man

She does ad-libs!

Melody - Space

Nicole - Halo

19 January 2009

Tour: More Videos

Thanks to the PCDWorld forum users and the original uploaders!

Doll Domination Setlist

Setlist of World Domination Tour

Doll Domination (Video Introduction)
#1 Takin' Over The World
#2 Beep
#3 Elevator
#4 Magic
#5 Hush Hush
#6 Bottle Pop

Costume Change:
#7 Buttons
#8 Stickwitu
#9 I Hate This Part
#10 I Don't Need a Man
#11 Whatcha Think About That

Costume Change:
#12 Played (Ashley Solo)
#13 Space (Melody Solo)
#14 Don't Wanna Fall In Love (Kimberley Solo)
#15 If I Was A Man (Jessica Solo)
#16 Until U Love U (Nicole Solo)

#17 Don't Cha
#18 When I Grow Up

PCD Tour Kick-off: Videos!


07 January 2009

02 January 2009

Bottle Pop (New Mix) [Live]

This must be the radio/single/alternate mix. Wonder if it'll be released on iTunes, but here is the live version from NYE. I really like it.

Download Bottle Pop (New Mix) [Live]

New Year's Eve Performances

I thought they were much stronger than past performances, however I really do not like the ending of IHTP now. I guess people aren't used to PCD being so serious, so they like a bit of novelty dance added in but I think it takes away from the sincerity of the song. Makes me sad. BP on the other hand was great. The splits were amazing! I don't like Nic lip-syncing or the other girls lacking mics, but I can't do anything about. At least Melody should have a part in the song. Hmmmm....

"IHTP" Cover by Savannah7448

She is perfect. Wow...I am just blown away!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Sorry, I was a bit tired the day after, but I hope you guys had a great evening and celebrated it well :)

May 2009 bring on new heights for the Dolls!!!