29 December 2008

New Carmit Blog [12.29.2008]

Happy Holi-dayz!!

So, thanx for all the seasons greetings and wishes! I hope you all had a very special holiday....I did! I spent it at home with family and friends! It was and still is yummy I am so excited for the new year and all it will bring! So many good things to come. I wish you all love, light, peace and blessings in 2009! Thank you all again for supporting me thru the changes this past year. I know it's been difficult but please trust me when I say I had to move on for the better. I will always miss and remember the good times with PCD
Oh, and thanks for coming to play with me at the vside! It was super fun, although I know that my demo "Overated" was leaked...it's not done yet! Someone help me spread the news because people keep saying that Carmasutra is my new solo song! It's a demo that is like 4 years old!! Hold on just a lil longer for the real stuff!!!!
LUV U ALL! Looking forward to 2009......
Have a safe and happy new year
Foxy Doll 4eva

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