29 December 2008

Carmit: Overrated

This is quite familiar, at least to me. In 2001 Siobhán Donaghy, the 'redhead' of the Sugababes left the group and a few years later released a song called 'Overrated'. The song was seen as a dig at the woman's previous pop group. If you listen closely to Carmit's song it seems that she may be doing the same. You never know, but I do think Carmit was overlooked in the Dolls. Nicole is immensely talented, but Carmit never got to really shine. She was an original member after all.

Listen HERE


Anonymous said...

If you ask me, she stood out the most. With her fiery red hair and height. I'm not saying I'm glad she left, but the group is more proportional and doesn't look like there is a billion girls on stage.

inguaribile said...

Nice girl