22 September 2008

Ashley's Blog [9.20.2008]

We Rocked Europe!!

Much LOVE and thanks to all the fans who were supporting us this last week. I say we rocked Germany and London. We did lots of promotion for Doll Domination and it seems that everyone was as excited as us for the release. They were calling us "The biggest pop group in the world"!!! How awesome is that!!! Thanks to all of you, Doll Domination could be as big of a success as PCD!! Let's make it happen!! Yaay!! I'm sure you all have heard that each of us has a song on the Deluxe album of Doll Domination. So make sure you grab it! My song is called "played". I hope you all love it!! I can't wait to hear your feedback. Love you all soooo much!! Thanks for allowing me to do best job in the world!

Ashley Pcd

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