07 September 2008

Carmit's Blog [9.7.08]

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Wooooooohoooooo! You are all my true friends.....thank you for the kindest words and sincerest wishes! It's been a whirlwind getting ready for the Zodiac Show! I can't wait!!!
It's going to be an amazing show....so on my birthday I just planned on relaxing but my friends all came over my house and we BBQ and swam all day into the night! Sooo much fun, oh and who doesn't love Rock Band??!!! hehe We played for hours...I have to admit I'm pretty good:) I have been non-stop working my butt off! Thank you for being patient with me. It's about to go down as Jay-Z would say! After the show I'm gonna get back to my music, which I'm super excited about. Then in November I want to go on another mission with Project Smile With Me/Operation Smile! So much to do so little time....
Can you believe it's already Sept??? My B-Day?! Beyonce's B-Day too?! haha thats my girl
Tomorrow is the VMA"s, another reason to get all dolled up! I love it. Can't wait for all the performances! Don't forget to watch it
hugs and kisses

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