29 September 2008

Carmit's Blog [9.29.2008]

Guess What?!!!

I'm super excited to let y'all know that I will be performing on Dancing With The Stars this Tuesday Sept 30st @9pm! Watch it on CBS.....I'll be doing a piece that my good friend Brian Friedman choreographed. It's going to be sick! He is amazing and you're gonna love it! It's the futuristic fashion forward Rhythm Nation! haha wait till u see it!
I love doing unique and creatively different projects! That's what keeps us inspired and moving forward. It's crucial to express yourself in your own special way! Don't follow a trend, make one......and on that note my friends make sure you register to VOTE!
11-04-08 is coming around the corner and don't you wanna be responsible for bettering OUR future??!!!

signing off my loved ones:)

4:19 AM

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