14 September 2008

Ashley's Blog [9.13.2008]

New video!!!

Yaay!! I think you're gonna love this one. Its PCD all "Grown up" ;). It's very editorial in my mind. Lots of beauty, lighting, and mysterious set-ups. Of course we gave you our tradition of big dance scenes. Ms. Missy Elliott killed it ya'll... Like she always does. But I think Missy and PCD was the perfect match up! What a legend she is, such an amazing experience to get to work with the best!

Right now we're sitting at a beautiful Italian restaurant in Germany. I'm enjoying some pasta myself.. Ha ha.. YUM! We have some promotion here and then off to London to do press and TV shows... So close to the release!!! Everyone has to get Doll Domination!! Yay!! I'm so excited!

I love u all!!


Ashley PCD

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