15 September 2008

Doll Domination - The Leak

NOT!!! I know it's out there, and it's a great album, but it will not be posted here. I especially love the solo songs - Jess, Kim, and Ash really, really impressed me. Kim the most!!! Whoa! I know the girls (mostly Kim and Ash) have had digital manipulation, but the songs all work. I am so glad to put this album into my collection come this Tuesday. Remember to buy your copy (ies) this coming week and support the artists.

Enjoy your listening sessions.

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Carlos said...

'Doll domination' totally dominates!! except I think it should be titled 'Nicole domination' instead, cause she gets all leads in every single track...even track 7 and 8 are literally taken off "Her name is Nicole..", I bet she probably didn't even bother to re-record them or anything..The album is still amazing though