18 August 2008

Nicole Scherzinger PCD Interview


EXCLUSIVE | MTV News spoke to the star about PCD's new album and (listen up Lewis) what she looks for in a man...

Pussycat Dolls are returning to the music scene with a second album Doll Domination after taking a break while leader Nicole Scherzinger worked on her solo career. In the break she also met her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton at the MTV Europe Music Awards. MTV News caught up with Nicole to talk about the girls new album and her romantic life.

MTV: Hi Nicole- Is it good to be back with Pussycat Dolls?

It feels so good- on the plane over here I was excited because it’s been so long since we’ve been over in the UK and Europe. We feel really strongly about the album.

Why did you decide to stop working on your solo career?

For me it was what I wanted to do. I’m a relentless perfectionist and I realised that a lot of the songs from my record should be Pussycat Dolls songs including (single) When I Grow Up.

Next year I want to put out my solo album and I think the two will be able to co-exist nicely together.

How different is this album from your first with PCD?

Our old PCD fans will love it but hopefully we’ll get some new ones too. We worked with Rodney Jerkins, Cee-Lo and Timbaland. Having a break from the Dolls album I thought I could bring different styles.

We always want to keep people guessing. This album has a lot of heart and soul and songs that hopefully can connect with fans on a more personal and vulnerable level.

Does that mean there are more ballads?

There are definitely still the club-dance songs but also some ballads and more alt pop-rock songs. There are songs that people can relate to when they are going through a hard time in a relationship. Overall I think that this album says a lot! But then we also have a fun song called Take Over The World.

Which producers did you work with?

Rodney Jerkins worked on it and Timbaland exec produced the whole album. He had his own visions of what he wanted for the group. We have dance club soms and some 60s or 70s joints that Tim brought out of us.

Cee Lo did a song called Love Gun with a 60s/70s vibe too. When I sing that song I was honing it to an old Tina Turner or Aretha type vocal. Cee Lo is such a good friend of mine and our new song is not what you would expect.

Tell us about your single When I Grow Up?

Rock City wrote the song with us in mind. I love the sound- it’s really raw and really funky. It was good coming out with a song that people could dance to and that has an attack to it! The lyrics play with what it is like to be famous.

What is it like to be famous?

It has its ups and downs. It’s not as glamourous as people think. People don’t see the work that goes in to touring but its definitely worth it. It’s not party all the time like people think- sometimes when I get the chance I am too tired to party!

What about tabloid intrusion?

It’s interesting- I think my personal life is different, I want to known for my music.

There was a story recently about you dating Will.I.Am?

That is the funniest thing because Will is like my Brother and I don’t know when the last time I had seen him was. He has been on tour.

What do you look for in men?

I look for someone with a good heart. Someone who is confident and successful and goes after what he wants. I love a guy with a great sense of humour.

When I Grow Up is out September 8. Doll Domination is out September 22

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