08 August 2008

Chris Brown demo rumored for PCD album

A new snippet from Chris Brown is rumored to be for the Pussycat Dolls. The clip leaked yesterday, and is called "Captive" (the title may change). Brown sings to a male counterpart in the composition, leading many to believe it is a demo recorded for a female artist(s), or that Chris is a switch-hitter (just kidding!)
Anyway, you can download the clip below and see if you think it's good enough for PCD. Remember, Chris said he was writing for the Dolls, so anything is possible.

Download "Captive"

1 comment:

amoss12000 said...

Oh No, No, No, No, No - They can't do that to us!

This just can't happen - Chris Brown will mutilate the song - but It will get them heaps of international success

Please don't stoop to this level PCD!