14 August 2008

Doll Domination: All Vocals?

So the Dolls have started European promo this week and a few hours ago was the recording of T4's T-Mobile Transmission. I went along to the recording for their interview on the show, it was great to see them all, they were all really nice, beautiful girls!

I think the interview could have been more in-depth in terms of the questions they were asked, even though it was light-hearted and fun. Of course Nicole couldn't have escaped without being quizzed about a certain Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton! I think the fans would have liked to know more about the upcoming album, what PCD's favourite tracks are on Doll Domination etc.

While the camera guys were setting up in between filming, Jessica told me that the song 'Bottle Pop' which features on their upcoming album, features a certain rapper (one of which has worked with the Dolls before)! Jessica also said that all the Dolls will get solo parts on the album - exciting!! PCD will be back in the UK next month to promote Doll Domination.

Their interview will air on Channel 4 (UK) on Saturday 23 August at 00:12 and 9am that morning.

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