28 August 2008

Ashley's Blog [8.28.2008]

What a week!!!

PCD is on and poppin'. I think I had one of the best weeks ever being with PCD. We kicked it off in London doing some press and promotion for Doll Domination, which is now set to debut September 23rd. We got the best fan's out there and its good to see some old faces.

Then we headed to Malaga, Spain.. WOW!! We have never been to Spain before and we had the warmest welcome. I felt like a real rock star while we were there. We had people lined around the hotel to see us! So cool.. hee hee. The performance was amazing.. the stage was set alongside the beach with over 200,000 fan's cheering and shouting for PCD. Was so awesome and exciting. I can't wait to get to go back in '09 when we do our world tour! Love you Malaga!

Then to top off the best trip ever we headed to Ibiza. Such an amazing place to be!! The highlight was when we got to ride on this beautiful boat on the most gorgeous clear ocean. The color of the water was piercing turquoise blue. We went swimming and dove off the boat, playing like little kids.. it was a dream come true. I feel most at peace when I'm near the ocean.. and as we were jetting across the water I looked up and realized how amazing my life is and how blessed I am to get to share these beautiful experience's with the most amazing girls on earth. And how thankful I am to all of you to allow me to get to do what I love. I owe everything to you..Thank you!!!

Much love,

Ashley PCD

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