13 August 2008

Ashley's Blog [8.13.2008]

What up PCD members!!

HI lovely one's.. I am sitting in my hotel room in London about to hit the sack and I was online looking at our webisodes. I have to say that my job is pretty amazing and I have some awesome chica's that I get to enjoy it with. Thanks to all of you that is I love going on the Internet and looking at all of the web sites and youtube collages that you put together. So cool and so fun to think I have people out there that really like me.. haha. We are here in London for a day or two doing promotion for the album and then were off to Spain!! yaay! Im so excited to go .. I have never been before and have always wanted to. You know how much I love the beach and were getting to spend some time in Ibiza which I heard is so beautiful. I can't wait.
Also I have to share with you the best experience ever.. When we were in Malaysia we got to meet the King and Queen white tiger and Lion..face to face!! It was the most amazing thing I think I have ever gotten to do as a doll. To look these amazing creature's in the eye, touch them and get to feed them was absolutely amazing. They were so beautiful! I took lots of picture's so I will try and get one on here so you can see.
Anywho I am off to bed.. Lots of love to all of you

Ashley PCD


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