01 August 2008

Kim's Blog [8.1.2008]

Greetings from Malaysia!!

Im in Malaysia!!! We are getting ready to do the MTV Asia Awards tomorrow and Im truly excited. :-) I hope to see some of you there. Ive had a lot on my mind lately and decided I would share it with you......buckle in for deep thoughts with me. hahaha

Nobody likes to be disliked and the only reason people lash out is usually because of something that has nothing to do with you. The biggest lesson in accepting happiness and love into your life fully is compassion. Compassion is the fruit to allowing yourself to disregard negative feelings. We often hold situations against people for years and allow it to build on itself. Fight after fight we build a grudge against someone and it becomes the hardest emotion to tear down. We react to people in certain situations due to the persona we have built around them. We create an alter reality in our head due to the situations we have encountered with them. It oftern starts in the beginning at home with your parents. You are molded through cause and effect and learn how to deal with people through dealing with our family. But in order to break the mold you have to realize that nothing matters. Everyone has their own journey and will be on that journey no matter what. You have your own life to live and if you spend time getting angry with others or judging them you wont have enough time to concentrate on what matters the most in your own life. Love and compassion are the key to happiness. Ive been on this search my entire life and finally know the answer. But the answer is only an answer, the truth is in the work of changing your life. Just like anything you want in life you have to be passionate enough in it to put focus on it every day and promote change. The beauty in this is that as you work on yourself you will start to see the people shift around you. All anyone wants deep down in life is to be love and accepted. So start by loving and accepting yourself. ;-)


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