06 August 2008

Jessica's Blog [8.05.2008]

Message From Your Pin-Up Jess
All I gotta say is WOW! what a week. We just got back from asia!! We did the Mtv Asia Awards and the fans on the red carpet were the loudest we have ever experienced. We got to open the show with two songs "Buttons" and "When I grow up." And guess what! The audience knew the words to when I grow up!! YAY! Doll Domination is actually happening. We also did a show in Singapore and it rocked! Can't wait to go back! Now we have a couple days off and I am going to spend them relaxing ,hanging out with Starr(my doggie) and preparing for Spain next week! I've never been to Spain and I am so excited! Gotta practice my spanish.



She used Spanish...YAY!!!

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