06 August 2008

Kim Kardashian to join Pussycat Dolls


Kim Kardashian is set to perform with the Pussycat Dolls in August.

The curvy socialite will be following in the footsteps of Scarlett Johansson, Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera by teaming up with the burlesque all-singing, all-dancing troupe for a guest performance.

Kim, 27, will be flaunting her enviable figure as she tests her skills on a pole, practises her raunchiest dance moves and debuts a variety of revealing outfits when she performs with the group in Las Vegas on August 15.

The 27-year-old beauty - who appeared in an erotic sex tape with then-boyfriend Ray J in 2007 - recently revealed she wants to get her butt insured.

She said: "I have not insured it yet, but I think I should look into that.

I have no idea where this all attention came from. I have always dressed the same - it's nothing new.

“I think people just started picking up on it - I don't even know how it happened. And there are all these rumours about whether it's fake or if it's real."

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