20 August 2008

Carmit's Blog [8.17.08]

Spotted at PCDWorld


Is it me or does time move with lightning speed?! So much to do and so many things we want to do! I'm amazed how much we as a people get done! We create our lives...and boy is it a full time production! haha That's what I'm doing right now. Working my booty off for the next Zodiac show Sept 9th! That's 3 weeks!!!! Now I know some of you don't live in Los Angeles but if you do...I want to see you there! It's gonna be awesome, I can't wait! I will be performing a lil cameo so come celebrate the future of my new project!
Also, I just added a cute song I did with my friend Storm Lee...it's called Lo Down off his new album called Soulfillapopkillah available on Itunes! Enjoy

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