06 May 2008

Kimberly's Blog 5.2.08

Whats up everyone!!! Im in Russia at the moment....St. Petersburg to be exact and we are gong to be doing a big show here tonight! I cant wait!!! This is our third time to Russia but the first two times were to Moscow. So this is our first time here in St Petersburg. I hope you caught the big premiere of Celebracadabra!! haha It was a lot of fun to do the show and I definately learned a lot from it.....

Ive been up since 430am this morning, Its now 9am!!! Jet lag can be the worst thing ever but Ive learned how to live with it through the past couple of years. I got up and finished yet another Paulo Coehlo book, "The Zahir". The message was so beautiful and for the first time I saw that my favorite most inspirational artist in the world touched my heart by allowing himself to be human and real through telling his story. We all strive for excellence but one huge lesson is that all our ideals of what a perfect person is only translates when we also understand that we are human.

Ive been learning and finally really trying to understand that the search for happiness doesnt exist. You either are or you are not and although you go through hard times and sometimes....REALLY hard times there is always light at the end of the tunnel you just have to believe and have faith in it. The lesson in happiness is that you have to give yourself over to the journey of forgiving your past and forgiving people that have effected you. Everyone and everything comes into our lives for a reason and by allowing ourselves the opportunity to learn from it all and what it means to us that we grow as people. The hard part is sometimes letting go of those people and taking the moment in time for what it is......a lesson. Then realizing just how thankful you are for that person or people and forgiving whatever negative feelings you have had attached to them. We have to do the work in breaking down the attachments and reality we have created in our own mind from the situations and instead only take the lesson with us, leaving them in loving, thankful thoughts.

The hardest part for me in life is learning to love myself as much as I love other people. I get lost in trying to help people and be there for them and sometimes forget that I need focus too. We drown out our own issues and problems by trying to replace them with distractions. Love is the biggest distraction for me. But learning to focus that energy into my creative mind is what brings light into my life. I have a lot to say and i am so thankful to know that there are so many of you that are listening and willing to grow and be real right along with me. Life is a journey and its up to your willingness to connect with all that life has to offer. Especially the lessons....along with lessons comes knowledge and with knowledge comes responsibility. I feel that I have the responsibility to share my heart and soul with you. The lesson is expecting nothing in return and the repayment is when I get comments back knowing you have been affected by it all.

All my love to all my fans!! You guys are truly the greatest!!!


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