21 May 2008

WIGU: Jimmy Kimmel Audio

Here it is in AAC/.m4a




Tigg said...

my issue here is that... didn't nicole just flop trying to be a solo artist?

this song/performance makes the other girls looks like back up dancers more than anything they've EVER done and i dont really like that. I think the song is ultra catchy and I do like it but... it's basically another solo Nicole song and I liked all her leaked tracks a whole lot.

I was just hoping that with Jessica and Melody both doing solo things we'd at least here from them but Melody didn't even hit a single run or anything... I really don't like that at all. Very disappointed that none of the other dolls are on this track. :-)

Anonymous said...

^ Very true tigg! You notice that when you first see them. It's basically been like that since the beginning. As for the performance it was really good! Choreography was on point and no mess ups. Besides the fact the others girls didn't sing I would say it was one of the best.

The song has grown on me these past few days... I didn't like the song originally but since this performance I've owned up to it lol. Anyways, since this is a group I don't think this should have been the first track. It would have been nice to hear more of a "PCD" song where there are at least some others singing in it.