18 May 2008

500th Post!!! : The Pussycat Dolls' 'When I Grow Up' Leaked

Just before introduce their new song "When I Grow Up" live to fans, the audio has been leaked. The Dolls' new single, which previously has been planned to be exclusively performed by the girls on Jimmy Kimmell Live! on May 20 and MTV Movie Awards on June 1, has been streamed on the net.

The new single has been confirmed by the Dolls as their first from the group's upcoming LP. The song is an up-tempo dance track and was produced by Rodney Jenkins. The upcoming album has just been confirmed its title, which is "" and itd release date which will be on August 5 via Interscope.

The new set will be the group's sophomore effort after "" in 2005. On the album, beside Rodney, the Dolls also worked with famous musicians, such as , and .


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