16 May 2008

[RUMORED] 'To Those Who Wait' - August 5th

Ahead of the world premiere of their new single, "When I Grow Up", on Tuesday, the Pussycat Dolls have confirmed the release of their new album, "To Those Who Wait", for August 4th (August 5th in the States).

The album features 14 brand-new tracks that boast production from Sean Garrett (Nelly's Party People), Timbaland (Madonna's 4 Minutes) and Fernando Garibay (Paris Hilton's Stars Are Blind). Megastars will.i.am, T-Pain and Ne-Yo all lend their vocal talents to tracks on the album too.

The group, now one member down due to Carmit Bacher's departure in March, have confirmed that they will begin a whirlwind promotional tour for the album's lead single throughout June and July, before performing a massive one-off showcase at New York's Gotham Hall for the album in New York on August 2nd.

1. When I Grow Up
2. Bottle Pop
3. Glamour Girl (featuring T-Pain)
4. Psycho
5. Away
6. Mr. Operator (featuring will.i.am)
7. It's On Tonight (featuring Ne-Yo)
8. Just Say Yes
9. Keep It Movin'
10. Here 4 U
11. Streetlife
12. Ta-Ta
13. Too Woman
14. U Don't Own Me

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