27 May 2008

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From Nicole's fan myspace:

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Hello dear friends and fans,

First I want to say an extra special thank you to GLADYS for never giving up on finding a proper forum for Nicole and her fans. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had to take a little time offline to do some soul searching after all the ups and downs of the last few months, but now I'm back STRONGER than ever! But enough about me! I know you come hear to read up on Nicole and what is happening with the DOLLS so here I go!!!

First, I must tell you that the DOLLS have never been as close (and as strong) as they are today! They have always been like sisters, but as we all know families have their highs and lows. Right now, they are MORE UNTIED THAN EVER!!! I think you can tell when you watch their Jimmy Kimmel performance. Normally, to get to that LEVEL of performance, an artist has to go out for months on tour and play hundreds of shows. Not these GIRLS!!! NOPE!!! That was their VERY FIRST PERFORMANCE of the new single and it was incredible. Nic and I watched it over and over again on TIVO and all I kept saying was "Girl, how do you do that???" From walking down those huge steps in the intro and not even looking down... How does she not fall in those shoes??? To dancing full out and STILL being able to sing live and not be winded??? I can't do that. Can you??? Wow. I think I have the most talented Best Friend in the whole world!!! We both agree (Nic and I) that that POWER, THAT TALENT, that ability to inspire millions... is just the GOD-energy inside of her. She can channel that higher power so well it gives her the ability to connect with everyone in the audience. What a beautiful gift!

I was just hanging out with all the rest of the girls and they are doing better than ever! Kim has the fiercest new haircut and her dancing is more brilliant than ever! Wow, that girl is flexible! Ashley... oh Ashley... She is the silliest, funniest, wackiest, most charming girl ever. I never stop laughing when I'm around her! Beautiful pin up Jessica is now a red head and that girl is so beautiful she can pull of any color. Melody, the baby, is really really coming into her own. I see her growing so much as an artist and her voice is so magical... I love her! As a group, they are TRULY better than ever. I am so excited about all the exciting things coming up!

WATCH the MTV MOVIE AWARDS. You are never gonna believe what they are doing!!! All I can tell you is it is a HUGE production and if you thought the Kimmel performance was awesome, then you will be completely dumbfounded by this one. Robin and the girls have been putting in 10 hour rehearsals to make this the best PCD performance ever!

What else can I tell you??? OH, its Nicole's Bday soon and I am trying to plan something special. HELP??? What do you think I should get her? What do you think YOUR best friend would like? Right now, I am thinking of taking her to Catalina Island on my dad's boat for some special girl time... kayaking, paddling, bike riding... Nicole loves Nature and the Ocean so I think that will be perfect. MAYBE I might even post some pictures if you are really, really lucky. smile.gif (nicole is way too busy to go online so feel free to post ideas in your comments)

Last but not least, please go BUY THE SINGLE TOMORROW. May 27th is the release date!!! If it isnt asking too much, please buy the single from my home page at www.YourAwareness.org YA is an affiliate of Itunes and Amazon, so we make a little money for charity everytime you buy music off www.YourAwareness.org ! How cool is that??? YA is my big project now, just like this new album is Nicole's new baby. Nicole has really been helping me figure out a way to take YA to the next level and I would be so appreciative to get all your feedback as well!

I hope you ALL are healthy and happy! As my gift to you, I will have Nicole write a special post JUST FOR THIS MYSPACE. You wont see it anywhere else but here! You will have to thank GLADYS for that. She has done such a great job of promoting Nicole and the dolls, so it's the least I can do! Expect a Nicole post SOON!!! Until then, go buy "When I Grow UP" on the homepage of www.YourAwareness.org !!!

Love, Laugh, and Learn,


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