26 May 2008

PCD Originals [Reuploaded]

Many of the songs on PCD are covers. I have compiled them.

Evil Woman (Electric Light Opera - Beep samples the rift at 2:41)
Sway (Dean Martin)
Bitter Pill [Siobhan Fahey - Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) takes the beat and altered lyrics]
Feelin' Good (Nina Simone)
Where Did Our Love Go (Diana Ross and The Supremes)
Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (Soft Cell - Joint track idea)
Take Your Time (Do It Right) (The SOS Band - WWAFAWFLG contains elements)
Don't Cha (Tori Alamaze - PCD no rap is extremely similar)
Hot Stuff [Donna Summer - Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) takes the chorus]
Right Now (The Creatures)
Belinda - Noche Cool (Not an original, but a cover of Flirt)
Whole Lotta Love (PCD cover by Led Zeppelin in concert)

Get them HERE

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