24 June 2008

Power's Out

Per Top40-charts.com:

ORONTO, Canada (Top40 Charts/ UOMO Media) - UOMO Media Inc. (OTCBB:UOMO), a multi-channel entertainment and media company, is proud to announce that the Tricky Stewart written and produced duet 'Power's Out' featuring Nicole Scherzinger and Sting, was chosen as the music for Revlon's advertising campaign featuring actress Jessica Alba.
The song, 'Power's Out,' is a track off of Nicole's debut solo album, Her Name is Nicole.

'At UOMO, we are constantly creating new business opportunities to monetize our assets across various media platforms,' said Mr.
Camara Alford, CEO and Chairman of UOMO Media Inc.
"Revlon's selection of "Power's Out" compounds and demonstrates the fact that our media properties continue to be impactful, proving broad mass market appeal to both the consumer and business marketplace. Our roster of talent has powerful songs that marry well with equally iconic brands.'

Tricky Stewart is a Grammy award winning music producer and songwriter and has worked with many hit recording artists including Rihanna, Janet Jackson, and Mariah Carey. Earlier this year, Tricky Stewart and Redzone Entertainment, signed an exclusive international management agreement with UOMO Media.

Maybe we'll hear the full version soon.

EDIT: To the people commenting that the full version is already out, this is a PCD site. I know what I am talking about. The 'full' version out was actually posted here before. It's FANMADE. End of discussion.

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Anonymous said...

"Power's Out" has been leaked on the net for a while now.