28 June 2008

Her Name Is Nicole Listening Party [Update Again]

I was on DD earlier, and cypriotpcdfan posted this (he had just called the event's number):

I just got off the phone..! Here is the conversation:
Bar: Cherry Martini bar, how can i help you.?
Me: Um, this is Nick, im calling behalf of Interscope Records.. We have found out that the whole thing was a sham..! None of it was real.
Bar: What was a sham?
Me: The whole, Nicole Scherzinger cd listening party and giveaway
Bar: We have a promotion contract signed with Interscope about this.Its totally legit.! You can call on Monday and i will tell you the name of the promoter. But we have the signed contract..
Me: Just know that we will dig deep into this, and if we find that this was not legit, be sure that we will proceed to a lawsuit..
Bar: No problem..
Me: Ok, so will call on Monday for the name of the promoter..!

So it looks to be legit. I am super excited. I won't be posting the album here if it leaks, you'll have to look on your own.

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Ivanalex145 said...


New song from Erre XI ft. Arcangel, not sure if its Nicole Scherzinger(not sure if its Nicole Scherzinger some people say it is and some say it isnt..) & Nales might be an early version of the song its called Freak With You