30 June 2008

HNIN: Listening FALSE

Gabz at DD confirmed that the nightclub/event never had the CD and basically used Nicole's name for promotion. I honestly hope that legal action is taken against these people, if possible. I, as well as other PCD fans were hoodwinked, and I don't appreciate people like that especially after the hard work, effort, dedication and love Nicole has poured into her solo effort. The one hope is a shady one now, AMAZON has an August 25th date for a release in the UK. As I bought physical copies of all her singles (which took AWHILE...) I hope to buy this. I can afford it at the moment as well. I guess the future will tell.


Alejandro ~dro~

1 comment:

Felix said...

it would be great if the album comes out on 25th of august, but i think it is a fake release date!