19 June 2008

Kimberly's Blog [6.19.2008]

Hey everyone
I hope you love the new song!!!!! by the way, its definitely groupies, not boobies. Although most girls want boobies when they grow up too so i guess either would work. haha I've been having so much fun doin lots of tv shows and performing. The video was such a crazy experience!!!! We shot for two days and the second day started at 8am and we didn't finish the last big dance sequence until 6am the next morning!!! It was insane watching the sun come up and dancing my heart out.

I've been doin my best to eat right and work out and everything. I'm telllin you.....when u dance like we do and sing and do shows often you have to watch yourself. Its just like being an athlete. Well, we are athletes. There is no faking it, you have to take care of yourself. So I've been training with a trainer three times a week and i just started hiking on my off days.It just feels so good to work out outside. its the biggest stress reliever for me. That and listening to music and driving through the canyons with all the windows rolled down and the moon roof open. I love having everything open, Even when its too hot ill keep the windows down and run the air-conditioner on high.

For those of you that watched Celebracadabra....thank you!!! i had a lot of fun doing the show and learning magic. There were some very stressful moments too. I think my favorite moment was doing the bottle trick successfully. It was incredible to work with the leopard!!! i rolled around on the ground and played with it backstage!!! i could tell just by playing with him that he was super strong. it was kind of scary but such a rush to be so close to such a large cat! it was too bad that i didn't win but it was fun to do the chair levitation on the movie awards!! did you catch that????

posted 6.19.08

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