04 June 2008

If I Were A Man? Hmm....


This is now a title under ASCAP for official song releases by the performers "The Pussycat Dolls". I am getting a feeling this may be a concept album, much like TI vs. TIP or Christina Aguilera's Back To Basics, or even Donna Summer's Once Upon A Time. Meaning, that an album of a story or a idea which all the songs relate to each other or so. Think about it. "When I Grow Up", "If I Were A Man"? The album may carry a fantasy/dream/hopes theme to it, with a title like "Imagine" "Fantasy" or something. I am just speculating at this point, but this is the feeling I am getting. We know the Dolls (or at least their writers) are known for creative titles (Stickwitu, Buttons, Bite The Dust, Flirt), so this may be a natural progression. I guess we will see this August when their sophomore LP drops.

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