21 June 2008

PCD on Nashville Star

The Pussycat Dolls will be on Nashville Star next Monday for "Pop Week".
EDIT: The site has replaced the announcement, substituting a Danity Kane performance.

Strange yes, but "Pop Week" sorta excuses it. WTVR it's a new performance and I have been itching for one! Hopefully after SYTYCD they got the audio mix right and the other Dolls' vocals will be more correct this time. Let's hope. Audio and iPod video will be up soon.

ALSO quick update: I have a wonderful job now (I make 500 a week) so I will be buying a TVR for my Mac soon, and we will have HQ videos created by me, including premieres and live performances! I also have the Popstars series on VHS and may convert those and allow downloads of that classic series. Be on the look out!

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