19 October 2008

Ashley's Blog [10.15.08]

Australia Rocks!!!

Wow.. I feel so loved and had such a warm welcome here in Australia. I can't believe we haven't been out here more often. We were in Sydney for a couple days and got to perform in front of the Sydney opera house for X box. It was raining outside but that didn't stop us or the fans from standing outside and still enjoying the concert. Was so fun!! As well as performing for the early morning show Sunrise.. and let me just say.. all the fans there were incredible!! I felt on top of the world.

Today we landed in Melbourne where I was greeted by this young girl who is a fan. She made the most amazing scrap book.. it made my day!!!! The best present I have gotten in awhile. So much thought and effort went into it. Thank you so much to all the Aussie fan's!!! You make me feel so much love.

Ashley.. PCD.. LTMSYF


Anonymous said...

HEY ! where the hell is youtube/user/ultimatepcdfan1

me said...

lol updates pal!!! please!! anyhow keep up with the good work :)