16 October 2008

All dolled up!

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by Josh Rotter

Doll Domination's upon us with the release of the Pussycat Dolls' sophomore album of that name, featuring the Top 10 single and VMA winner "When I Grow Up."

It's hard to believe that it's been three years since the fierce quintet of Nicole, Ashley, Jessica, Melody and Kimberly first set dance floors ablaze with the worldwide No. 1 hit "Don't Cha," followed by their self-titled multi-platinum debut album, which included sizzlers "Stickwitu," "Beep," "Buttons" and "Wait a Minute."

Gay.com talked with PCD member Melody Thornton about the new album and PCD's ever doll-icious style.

So how does your style change on "Doll Domination"?

I think with the second album we do come back even stronger and harder for the album packaging and the first video. It's very much a superhero-esque theme, especially with Nicole's half-top with futuristic sleeves in the "When I Grow Up" video. It's really dominating dress.

Are the Dolls trading in their sex-kitten sensibility for something a little more ferocious?

Yeah, we're already seeing a different Pussycat Dolls. We've changed, but haven't. The music has grown but still caters to Pussycat Dolls fans ... and so yeah, it's graduated.

The Dolls have always seemed like a strong unit with very little individuality -- aside from lead singer Nicole.

With the first album, there was a lot of focus on Nicole, but on the second album we're widening the lens as much as possible.

OK, so break it down for me. Who's who?

Each girl is nice and talented, and that applies to everyone. Ashley is a phenomenal dancer and great singer. She's the blond bombshell, but has this boho-chic, hippie-ish style. Kim is punk rock, and a very fierce and untouchable dancer. Jessica is our pin-up with a classic hourglass shape, and she's a very talented singer-dancer. I always describe myself as both Latin and African-American, so I am representing culture, as well as Nicole, who's Hawaiian and Filipina. Nicole, as we all know, is a classic exotic beauty.

OK, enough about them. Let's get to know you a little. How would you describe your personal style?

We have been doing a futuristic-themed style with very interesting choices, I will say. But we have fantastic people who help us like Jessica Pastor (the famed stylist who works with Eva Longoria, Hillary Duff and Jessica Simpson), Robin Antin and Sammy and Judy. We've been wearing latex pants, which really pop onstage. There's been a lot of silver, yellow, red and black. We switch it up.

Where do you look for style inspiration?

I admire other female entertainers like Jennifer Lopez and also Sienna Miller and Mary Kate. It's a huge world, and there are so many things you can be, and I love be a different character each day, like the whole vintage '60s girl. I just really love fashion.

Who is your favorite fashion designer of all time?

I have been in love with Thomas Wylde. I recently purchased an incredible bag, and it broke the bank. I really appreciate Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. I really like the shape and corseted fit of Vivienne Westwood. It looks like how much it cost.

If money were no object, what clothing item would you splurge on?

I would buy all the Christian Louboutins in the world, all the Rick Owens leather jackets, and all the Balenciaga bags in every color. I would just go for it, and get everything and anything I want.

Would you agree with this statement? You can never have too many accessories.

I do not agree with that. I guess, to a certain degree, it depends if it's put together nicely and strategically. I don't mind a lot of necklaces and bangles, but they should be in the same family, not 700 silver and gold necklaces or bracelets together. I also hate random miscellaneous bracelets on people's arms.

Getting to your fans for a moment, is there anything that's just "too gay" to wear?

It depends on the person. I think if the guy is gay and still trying to date girls and it's obvious, then you can tell if the guy's wearing pants and they're kind of tight. I think it looks great on Chris Brown, though. And if a guy's wearing a Kylie Minogue or PCD t-shirt with sequins or rhinestones on it, then you have to question. But real men cry and wear pink, so it's fine.

What was the No. 1 fashion don't for 2008?

Well for women, I got tired of the potato sack dresses that showed no figure. It allowed for a lot of women to eat whatever they wanted and not take the high road and work out. Whenever I went shopping, that's all they had. But what happened to the nice, form- fitting cute dresses? For guys, the Kanye glasses ... I really got tired of that.

Which fashion trend of the last 25 years should be brought back and which should be totally avoided?

I love bell bottoms. I always see pictures of my mom from the '70s, and she was rocking those cute high-waisted bell-bottoms.

I'm really tired of black tights, like Lindsay Lohan wears. Like can we replace them with shiny opaque tights? You can still wear those.

What are your style forecasts for 2009?

Very shapely ... just shapes ... I'm looking for shapes ... more fitted and more corseted. I want everyone to catch up to Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood.

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