16 October 2008

11 Questions With Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger:

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Nicole Scherzinger has been ultra-busy promoting the Pussycat Dolls' just-released album, 'Doll Domination.' Nonetheless, the lead singer of these burlesque queens turned pop stars shares her intimate secrets with us, including who she is crushing on and who should play her in 'The Nicole Story.'

No. 11
Who's one celebrity you would love to be
right now?
I was gonna say Bono, but honestly he's trying to save the world. So I would not wanna be Bono because that's too much on my shoulders [laughs]. I'd want somebody who looks like they have the funnest life ever, just has the best life. I guess maybe I'd want to be Snoop. He's so cool.

No. 10
What's one song you wish you had written?
'Imagine,' by John Lennon, 'cause it just answers so much. It's a legendary song, it was revolutionary and it's timeless.

No. 9
What's one band that you think is totally underappreciated?
I've always been a fan of Keane. Maybe they have blown up, but they can be bigger than they are.

No. 8
Who was your celebrity crush growing up?
There are two of them: One was Jonathan [Knight] from New Kids on the Block, which is so crazy, because we have a song with New Kids on the Block. And then my biggest crush growing up was this actor Jonathan Brandis. He's not with us any longer, but I had the biggest crush on him. I used to make tons of collages with him. He was the guy all over my locker when you open it up.

No. 7
Who's the current celebrity crush?
My all-time crush growing up -- and still will forever remain my crush -- is Johnny Depp. I think he's everybody’s crush.

No. 6
What is the tour must-have accessory item?
Good music -- that, or as an accessory,
great lashes.

No. 5
Who would play you in your biopic?
Maybe Jennifer Lopez or Cameron Diaz; I don't know. I'm such a goofball, [but] J. Lo is all hot and spicy, but she's still really fun. And then Cameron Diaz is just like goofy and I'm really goofy and they both I feel like are very relatable, real people.

No. 4
What is your biggest phobia?
I don't like mean people. Is that a phobia? I don't like that more than anything in life

No. 3
How do you deal with paparazzi?
I just try to stay away as much as I can, mind my own business, mind my P's and Q's, hopefully they'll leave me alone.

No. 2
Who's your dream collaborator?
I would say Prince. One of my favorite songs he has done is 'Sometimes It Snows in April.' If we could do our own version of that, and maybe then an uptempo [song] as well, something like 'Purple Rain' or 'When Doves Cry,' that would
be genius.

No. 1
What's your favorite '80s song?
Let's go with Pat Benatar -- 'Heartbreaker' or 'Love Is a Battlefield.' Or there's Tiffany's 'I Think We're Alone Now.' No, you know what I'm totally sticking with, I'm sticking with 'Toy Soldiers,' Martika. Just give me 10 minutes and then I'll be more
decisive [laughs].

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