27 March 2007

Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)

"Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)" is the confirmed final single by the Grammy - nominated girl group, The Pussycat Dolls on their first album, PCD, finally chosen over "Bite the Dust", "How Many Times, How Many Lies", and "Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go".

This song is a mash-up of two songs: the verses are from Siobhan Fahey's 2002 song "Bitter Pill" (with altered lyrics) and the chorus is from Donna Summer's hit "Hot Stuff". "Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)" was confirmed as the final single in early March 2007 when the song started getting many downloads on iTunes, and reaching number thirty-two on the "Top 100 Pop" songs on iTunes (where it is called "Hot Suff (Want You Back)"). This song will be released on radio stations in April 2007. An official remix of "Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)" was released on the European CD single of "Beep".

Supposedly this is PCD's final single. I guess! They truly need a new single, I am not hating. I love the Dolls but some new material is desperately needed. (Just think, the vocals for this song were put down nearly two years ago!!!) I really hope the next album has Nicole giving up the reins, she has a solo album, there will be SIX other Dolls who would now need to sing. So here it is (the unofficial radio edit).

Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) (Radio Edit)

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