24 March 2007

Eden's Crush

Anybody happen to know who Eden's Crush is? I do. I used to watch the show they were 'created' on, Popstars, religiously. I even have the show on VHS. But most importantly, Nicole was in the group. Their music was great, better than PCD (in quality, not popularity) and Nic wasn't the center (completely). Here is the album:

Eden's Crush - Popstars

Credit to http://starskingcharlez.blogspot.com/

The group had two singles, only the first being successful. It was called "Get Over Yourself", recorded in both English and Spanish (as "Solo Piensas En Ti"). The second single was "Love This Way", also recorded in Spanish (but I cannot find it--it was "Se Que Tu Tambien"). Here you go:

Get Over Yourself
Solo Piensas En Ti

Love This Way Listen
Download Remix